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In today’s recession it is difficult for everyone to keep their fist on all the expenses they are surrounded by. Most people are forced to do their work themselves and often end up getting exhausted by not only their work stress but then coming home and having to deal with all their personal problems themselves as well becomes really difficult for them. This is especially true if you have to relocate to another place. You find it difficult to take any time off from work, yet there is so much to do that you simply can’t find enough time to cater to it all. But the final step is always the most expensive for people. They often feel that hiring a car would be very expensive for them, and so just end up making several trips to transfer their boxes on their own car. If you calculate all the money you have wasted on the petrol of your car, you will realize that this option is actually much expensive for you. Not to forget all the time and energy that you have put into it as well.

Great Man and Van Services
Man and Van Hire

This is why  set up its services to cater to this particular target market by offering them a service at a low price that meets their needs but does not rob their pockets. This service is being offered in several different packages that are designed to meet all budgets. Especially if you are a student and are looking to move into someplace else, you can easily avail this facility at a much less price because of the great student discounts that we give. Now you don’t have to worry about compromising on your studies while dealing with your packing and relocation. Just call at 020 8746 4391 and let the customer care representative know that you are a student calling for the student moves package. Our friendly service will assist you with the package details and the price. You can then set a time and date for the moving company to come take your boxes and ship them to your new home.

If you are not a student you can still benefit from our affordable packages by hiring our man and van service. This service includes the basic necessities that will help you immensely in your relocation while also keeping costs for you low. You can choose on the size of van you would like to have depending on the amount and size of the luggage that you are shipping. Our company is able to offer these services at lower prices because we keep our personnel level low by hiring less people and giving the few employees we have, a more enriching job by engaging them in different types of tasks rather than having them do the same thing repeatedly over and over again. This is why employee turnover rate in  is also low and our workers have been able to gain more skills and expertise in what they do.

Man and Van Star for Hire

If you are not too concerned about the cost issue and are simply looking for a full service to take away as much stress off your shoulders as you can, then our full package service is perfect for you. In this package we dispatch a team of workers to your house who do all your packing for you. They even bring in company provided high quality packing material so you don’t have to bother yourself with buying any supplies for them. They are so skilled in packing that we guarantee all your valuables will arrive at your home in perfect condition.

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