13 September 2016
Why Should You Avoid Moving on a Friday

moving home on Friday

When it comes to moving house, there are many theories about when people should move. Most people don’t think there is a good day for relocation, and simply get the man and van over on a Friday and use the weekend as the perfect time for moving. But is that really the right thing to do? Not ethically, but practically speaking. Should you really move house on a Friday and use up the entire weekend on that single move? You should know that there are many more reasons not to do that than you may think. And you can read all about them below:

Moving Company Availability

Fridays are very popular with moving services. This is the first reason why you should avoid moving on that day. Any man and van you could find might just be too busy to handle your request on that day. Demand on Friday moves is high in certain parts of the country and you have to book at least two months beforehand to make sure that the man with van is available for your own relocation. Avoid the competition that days like Friday give you and move in peace some other day.

moving company

The Good Deals

Since Friday is a popular moving day, removal companies make the most of it and keep the prices high and ready for profit, but in order to keep the business going for the remainder of the week, they provide special deals for moving in the middle of the week. So if you rent a removal van, say, on a Wednesday, you will certainly get a better deal than what would be on offer on a Friday.

good deals

The Superstitions

People are a superstitious bunch and they will have their problems with some days of the week. Because of dates like Friday 13th or the bad luck of moving on Saturday, some people consider it bad luck to move on a Friday. If you believe in the bad luck of a single day, then maybe you should avoid it altogether and be on the safe side.

Friday 13th

The Rush

Rush hour is something that will stop your move to anywhere at two certain parts of the day. But then you have the road rush – the time when the roads are busiest and offer no relief to people trying to move. Fridays and Saturdays are days when people are off work and travel to another place for rest, especially during summer. This often leads to big traffic jams that will make your move seem like it will be eternal. And, as mentioned, many people do move on a Friday, which means a lot of moving vans on the road too.

avoid rush hour

The Free Time

And here is the biggest reason why you should never move on a Friday: you will have a 12-day work week, half of which will be filled with stress. People move on a Friday so that they don’t have to deal with leaves from work. But what happens then? You work five days, then have a stressful day of moving, then spend your entire weekend on unpacking and getting the new place ready and settling in, and then you go back to work with not a single day of rest and relaxation. How does that sound? You need to think about yourself and put your needs first. You need rest so that you can take in first the stressful move and then the changes before going back to work. If you move in the middle of the week, you can unpack till the end and then rest on the weekend. How is that not the better option?

leisure time

Do yourself a favour and don’t move on a Friday. It is a day of bad luck, a busy day, a day when you should be getting ready to rest, not stressed out because of a house relocation. Be smart, think logically and logistically, and then make your choices. Always choose what is best for you – and that is not a Friday.

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