12 September 2016
What’s the Best Approach to Moving Large Furniture?

large furniture moving

The only way to ensure that your full house relocation is a success is to plan for every little detail. Only then can you hope to go through this process with as little trouble as possible.

Among these small (or rather large) details is moving big furniture pieces. Ask a number of people who have gone through the process of hiring a man with a van service and executing a move and you will find that a large portion of them actually think moving furniture is the most difficult task. Not only are such large items heavy, but you also need to think about placement and whether they will fit in your new home. Planning all of that in advance is the way to go. Here are few strategic tips to implement in the moving process:

make a floor plan

- Make a floor plan - in order to make a good floor plan, the first thing you will have to do is find out if your furniture is going to fit through the doors of both your current and your new home. If that is not an option, you will have to consider dismantling, which some man with van teams will be able to provide anyway.

measure everything

- Measure and measure again - before you have the man and van team take your furniture away, you need to measure it; it's best to use a tape measure. Write down the measurements and proceed to doing the same with windows, doors, hallways and vehicle backdoors to know that everything fits. If that is not the case, you will have to consider dismantling.

plan the moving route

- Plan out a route - after measuring the furniture and the doors, you will have to create a route for your furniture. There is a certain path that your furniture will follow, and that is usually based on where it can squeeze through. Windows were mentioned in the above tip: now you know that you can in fact resort to using the windows as an escape route for large furniture items. Try to think about every single furniture item that you are going to move. That way you will avoid unpleasant situations on relocation day.

disassemble furniture

- Disassemble everything - moving experts suggest that dismantling furniture is the best way to move it, even if that means you will have to invest a little more effort in assembling it when you reach your new home. The best part is that usually the man and van services could offer additional help in that regard, if you need it.

alternative routes

- Use alternative routes - in case you don’t want to dismantle your furniture or it cannot be done, then finding alternative routes is also an option. A lot of people don’t think outside the box when it comes to furniture removals. Getting large items through the door is far from being the only option - you can also use the windows. Taking the frames off is a final resort, which is also worth considering if you have expended other options.

furniture removals  

- Just leave it - if all else fails and you find no way of getting your furniture out of your home you might have to just leave it in there. It is a good option if the new owner decides to keep it around, as that way it will be reused. If the items are in good shape that can even increase the selling price of your home. That way you are saving money on loading the removal van and then making some at the same time.

Follow this strategy when dealing with heavy furniture pieces during home relocation. That is the only way to ensure you can rest on your favourite king-size sofa bed easily.

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