01 February 2016
What Should You Know When Moving With Cats?

movign with cats

Moving to a new home is an exciting yet stressful process, which requires a lot of time, effort and preparation. The relocation is emotional for many people, but moving house is very difficult as well as traumatic for the pets. Especially when we talk about cats, we should note that they are very territorial animals. It is in their nature to get attached to their living areas and to feel very uncomfortable when it comes to moving to a new place.

In the process of relocation, it is always a good idea to include in the moving checklist a special section, where you can better organize the moving of not only the cat’s belongings, but also the cat itself. There are special things, which you should know when you are getting ready to move with your cat, like finding a good removal company, in order to make the whole moving process less stressful for your pet and yourself.

moving company

Before the move
Give your cat some time to get used to the cat carrier. It is important that the cat is familiar with it and feels comfortable around it. If you have the opportunity to start packing at least a week before the actual move, your cat will have the chance to get used to the moving boxes. It is important to keep its daily routine normal and to avoid any drastic changes at ones.

cat's routine

There are some things, which you can do, before the moving van arrives, which will make the whole process much easier. It is advisable to lock the cat in a room, where itwill be surrounded with its familiar items such as its bed, its food bowl and water bowl, litter box, its toys. It is essential to inform the movers, preferably with a note on the door, that there is an animal in the room, so they will not accidently open the door and let the cat out.

The transportation
It is important to note that some relocation processes take more than a day. If this is your case, you should consider finding a well-trusted pet hotel, where your cat can spend couple of days, until the moving finishes.

moving house

However, if you decide that your moving will take just a day, it is good idea to keep the cat with you. Arrange the transportation service and make sure that you know exactly how your cat will travel to your new home, who will accompany it and how long the whole trip will take. Make sure that your cat is fed but avoid giving it a lot of food right before the actual moving to avoid any stomach discomfort.

If your cat is not used to travelling, it is a good idea to consult with a vet before making the move, especially if you are travelling in a very long distance. Your vet may advise you to give your cat a light sedative so it will be calm on the way.

caring for your cat

Arriving in the new home
Your cat will be very stressed from the whole experience and you should be expecting from it to act a bit strange in the beginning. It is normal for the cat to feel unrest; this is why you should make an effort to introduce it to the new environment, to help her settle and feel secure in the new living space. Try to maintain the same living routines and try to give the cat more attention and care than usual in order to help it fell at home again.

Moving with cats requires extra care and attention, but it is worth it once you see the pet feeling secure, happy and at home again.

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