12 September 2016
What Other Services to Hire Besides a Moving Company

moving house

Moving house entails the help of many professionals. If you think that the moving company’s man and van will be the only thing you have to worry about, maybe you should do some research first. The house relocation is not complete until every one of the upcoming professionals has had their say in your move. They are the services you want around so that you can make sure that you are doing the right thing and that everything will be fine after the man with van complete your move. Sit down and do the math to plan the moving budget, and here are the services you will need to have in mind:

Real Estate Agent

Naturally, before you move anywhere, first you need to find a proper house. A real estate agency or an estate agent will save you the trouble of looking yourself, and some home owners don’t even speak to anybody but estate agents, so you will have to call one before moving house.

real estate agent

Home Inspector

And when you do find a proper house, then you should make sure it’s worth living in. A completely optional, but definitely a quick and secure, way to find out whether your house of choice is the house for you is to hire a home inspector. One visit will tell you all you need to know about the house’s current state and its former tenants’ habits.

home inspector


You want your home’s pipes to be working at no less than 100%. But the only way to be sure is to call a plumber over and have him or her check the building out and see if everything is well and good. Plumbers won’t cost you all that much on a check-up.

plumbing services


And after the plumber is done, you want to know if the wirework is all good as well. Get somebody over to check the electrical network and make sure that everything is running smoothly and that there will be no power outages the second you plug in more than a few appliances.



Will you have a garden at the new place? Well, then maybe you will want to hire a professional gardener after the removal van drops you off. Get somebody over to plan out your new garden and then do some landscaping to have the best garden ever. It will make the new home much more welcoming and you will feel at home the earlier you have something to work on.

landscape gardener

Cleaning Services

You may be too tired to do any move in cleaning after the relocation. Think about whether you should hire some cleaners to visit the new place and do a thorough cleaning of the place before you arrive, so that you can start a cosy life immediately after your man and van move is completed.

cleaning services

Mould Specialist

Some places are more humid than others and that often results in bad cases of mould. You should get a specialist over to see, a) if there is any mould problems you should be aware of and how to deal with them, and b) whether you have to deal with potential mould problems. Better know in advance so that you are not sorry afterwards.

mould specialist

After all these services are done, you can begin your new life comfortably with the full knowledge that you did everything you can to secure the best possible place and that everything inside (and garden) is in an excellent state. Never underestimate how helpful services can be and how much you will benefit from hiring even one to make a thorough check-up on your new house before the home relocation. At the very least, it will save you a lot of headaches in the times to come.

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