13 September 2016
What is the Best Way of Moving Small Loads?

moving small loads

Not all moves involve huge volume of items - furniture sets, appliances and a big number of boxes full of your belongings. Sometimes you will want to move just a single furniture item or a few boxes.

Chances are you will still require the help of a removal company for this task, especially if you want to move long distance. It is probably best to rely on a small man with a van company, unless you want to pay a ton of money. This could be a good option for you, especially in case you have just gone through the trouble of house removal. Here is some important information to consider:

hire a removal company

- You CAN hire a moving company - some people wrongly assume that hiring a specialised company for getting just a small load transported is not an option. After all, if you are lacking a suitable vehicle, there aren’t a lot of options you’re left with you apart from hiring a man and van service. What is more, most companies will actually accommodate your needs and work to provide a service that is best suited for you.

delivery services

- Be flexible about delivery - what this means is that you cannot rely on specific delivery date. Well, it’s safe to say that in some cases you can, but that would mean paying a whole lot more. The reason behind this is that companies wish to be efficient and wait till the empty space of their trucks is full. This means they will wait for other clients, which could delay delivery of your small load. That is why you want to be flexible about delivery.

removal services prices

- Consider price - one of the most important factors for choosing a removal company to transport a small load is price. Even if you think that a small load means a low price, it is often just the opposite - you end up paying a lot more than expected. The reason behind this is the pricing system that the majority of companies have adopted, i.e. charging for minimum weight for long distance moves or time taken for transportation for moves within the locality. Always compare the price quotes of several companies before you choose on which one of them to hire.

time estimate

- Can you get a time estimate? - Most companies will not be able to give you an exact estimate of how long it will take to deliver your items. Even if they do, it will be inaccurate in some cases. That is because home removal firms don’t know when exactly they will get enough clients to fill a full load. The small price of hiring such a man with van service comes at the price of picking an exact date for your delivery so keep that in mind.

choose moving date

- You can opt for an exact delivery date - if you need your items delivered within a short period of time, you can ask for an express delivery. That is the only way to guarantee an exact delivery date, but in this case you will be charged extra. Estimate your budget and see if you can spare the money. Make sure you understand all taxes and fees before you contract movers for that kind of job.

moving company

- Moving companies are preferable - even though you may need to wait before getting your small volume of items relocated, it is better to contract a moving company and not a shipping company. In the former case you can rest easy knowing your items are safe, as such companies know how to handle them.

Moving small scale is not a problem, as long as you are flexible and you find the right company for the job. In most cases it costs very little and you can expect to see your items safely delivered where you want them.

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