12 November 2013
Ways to Ensure Cheap Removals in Camden

Ways to Ensure Cheap Removals in Camden


It’s granted that moving house or office can be a horrendously daunting task, and it’s no wonder that many people get in a panic about the process from a logistical point of view, but when you consider the cost of moving all of your belongings from one dwelling to another, the real scale of the operation comes to light and the whole operation can feel like a complete nightmare!

There are a few ways in which to make sure that your move is a swift and easy one, but here we will focus on how to get the most for your money; a few top ways to ensure cheap removals in Camden, or any part of the country!

if your move is a small one, then try sourcing your packaging from shops that may not need them any more. Wine merchants and cycle shops often leave their unwanted boxing ready to be recycled, so pop in to a few of your local shops and ask, theres no harm in trying! You could even offer a small amount of money for their time and trouble, it may just seal the deal, and you will save a brick load on buying expensive new boxes. If you’re really strapped for cash, then you can even save your own boxes and customize them for your own use, for instance, cereal boxes can make perfect document holders, great for when you’re moving office and you want your papers to be kept save. you could even cut two boxes and re tape them to make a decent fit for more delicate items, especially when added to with some bubble wrap, which you can also ask your local department store for scraps of. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and it’s important that you try every possible penny saver in order to make the most of the savings available to you on your move.

When it comes to man power, your immediate thought will be to use a removal company, but there are ways in which to do even a fairly large scale move without enlisting such a service. Your family are a great source of help, and usually much more willing to come to your aid for less than those who need to make a living out of it! Set aside a weekend for the whole family to come down, organized well in advance, and reward them with a big family meal at the end of the process, it’s a great way to get the lot of them together under one roof, and you can have the whole thing done in a surprisingly short amount of time! Your family’s cars are also your most helpful tool, but you must make sure to maximize space by only having a driver in them, so that items can be crammed throughout the vehicle, and you have to make fewer trips, or use fewer cars. If your whole family can’t make the date, then enlist your friends and the young adult members of your family, with a promise of a little cash at the end, or the promise of a bottle of wine, they will be sure to be useful given the personal connection, as well as the potential rewards!

The important thing to remember when cutting down on moving costs is that you must ‘challenge the norms’ of the process. Don’t just jump to the most obvious way of doing things, take your time to investigate all of the possibilities before you decide, that way you’re sure to have a successful as well as cheap moving day!

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