14 September 2016
Want to Avoid Delays during Relocation? Check These Tips

avoid delays during removals

When you’re moving house, there are so many things that you need to take care of. Good pre-planning can save you a lot of time and hassles. There are certain ways that you can avoid delays during house relocation. Here you can find some useful advice on what you can do in order to organise your move better and avoid loading delays and traffic jams.

1) Have everything packed up

You need to start packing a month or so before your move. Make sure everything is perfectly organised so that you don’t waste time in last minute packing. This way you can pay special attention to your items and pack them properly and safely. You need to have all of your boxes ready to be loaded in the moving van.

packing boxes

2) Arrange pet or child care on the moving day

It is a good idea to have someone looking after your child or pet on the moving day. This way you can focus on the relocation entirely. Remember that moving day will be extremely busy.

moving with pets

3) Hire a reputable man with a van

One of the most important things you should do when you’ve taken the decision to move is to find a reliable man and van. A professional removal service can help you a lot on moving day. Make sure you find enough information about the company so that you really know you can trust them. Having a professional to help you can save you a lot of time and effort. You won’t spend too much time on loading as an expert will know exactly how to handle a move quickly and efficiently.

man with van hire

4) Choose the right hour for your move

You need to arrange the removal van hire for such time of the day when there won’t be any traffic jams on the road. You can also consult with the driver to choose the fastest routes for your relocation. Don’t go for a move during rush hour. You will waste too much time waiting around.

avoid traffic

5) Choose the fastest route

As already mentioned, you can ask your driver about the fastest route to your new house. If you are doing the move yourself you need to have a map or a paper printout of the directions. You can use smart phone apps to see where the traffic jams are and choose a route to avoid them.

house removals route

6) Make a schedule

You need to make a detailed schedule and stick to it so you don’t fall behind. Don’t let any distractions come in your way. Follow the plan that you’ve made strictly.

moving home

7) Ask your friends for help

Once you arrive at your new house you can definitely use some extra help with the unpacking. Turn it into a social event. Ask your best friends to help you unpack so that you finish earlier. This way it can be all set and done in no time. Not to mention that unpacking can be made very entertaining and much easier.

house movers

As you can see, you can easily avoid delays during relocation. You just need to be as focused on the house moving process as possible. Make sure you have the right packing materials in advance so that you can pack all of your things on time. Make a list of everything you need to get done so that you will know exactly what to do and you won’t waste any time wandering around. Arrange all of the things you will need for your relocation at least a couple of weeks before the day of your move. Don’t forget to call the moving company to double check that everything is alright and they will be there at the arranged date and time.

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