18 October 2016
Top 10 Worst Things That Can Happen to You When Relocating

moving nightmares

A house relocation is hardly ever fun and games, but sometimes even that can go overboard. A bad day can go a long way towards ruining that first day at your new home which you are hoping to be good. Down below are listed ten of the worst things that could happen to you once your man and van arrive and the relocation is underway. Consider this a stimulus to be extra prepared for your moving day so that you do not have to experience any of these things. So buckle up and read all about the ride that you do not want to go on when the removal van comes.

late relocation

#1 – Late Removal

Have you ever considered the thought that you might not move exactly when you want? If your movers arrive late, then all the rest of your plans will fall through. And not just a bit late. Sometimes removal companies may send the man with a van a whole day later due to bad scheduling. And how is that for weekend plans and landlord conflicts?

late service transfer

#2 – Late Transfer of Services

And then it may not be the removal company that’s late. It may be any other service that you need to transfer to your new home. The electricity service, the water suppliers, the post office, the internet or television suppliers – just about anything. That might bring a stop to the flow you have been building so far and it will give you a bad start in your new abode.

bad movers

#3 – Bad Removal Company

A bad moving company can be the difference between you having an easy relocation and you living through a nightmare. From scheduling arguments to price arguments to having a lousy moving day thanks to the haughty house movers – the man and van can be just as nightmarish as they can be helpful – so make a wise pick.

clumsy removal team

#4 – Clumsy Movers

The moving company does not have to be a bad one to have clumsy movers. It can be the best organised company in the world and yet it could have employed one or two clumsy movers. And one of those could be the difference between you getting to your new home with your china set and without it.

movers arriving late

#5 – Late Arrival

The movers arriving late could also be a bad thing as it might set all the other plans back. When you have a moving checklist, you want every item there to be completed exactly when it says it should. Any delay can come off as a horrible thing in the right (or wrong) circumstances.


#6 – No Money after the Move

How well did you plan the move? Relocations are quite expensive, but sometimes you just can’t calculate the extra costs. This includes fuel, extra luggage for the man and van to carry, buying extra cardboard boxes, and so on. If you do not read the fine print on the removal contract, you could end up pretty moneyless.

after house removals

#7 – Loss of Direction after the Move

And then there are the post-move planning problems. What happens after you move? You should have a plan; otherwise you only have a starting point, but no goal. And without a goal, you start the new life with confusion rather than an objective.

tired after relocation

#8 – No Time to Rest after Moving In

Think it all through and make sure you have a checklist on what to do after the moving van disappears into the distance. You might find yourself with a room full of luggage and things to unpack and your work might be knocking on the door. Avoid that.

new environment

#9 – Not Liking the New Environment

Make sure you like where you move. Never move without knowing the new environment otherwise you will have to learn to like where you are and accept where you are rather than simply enjoying the new environment.

landlord issues

#10 – The Bad Landlord

And then you have the option of a very bad landlord. Either the old one or the new one, any landlord can give you grief, because of the end of tenancy duties, or because of the deposit cheque, or just because they haven’t done any pre-tenancy cleaning and you are moving into a pig sty. Watch out for those.

Plan carefully and take as many precautions as you can to avoid any of these horrible potentialities.

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