13 September 2016
The Science of Moving House as a Single Parent

moving home as a single parent

Being a single parent is hard. Moving house is hard. If you put them together, maybe you will think that you are ready to face a nightmare. Your attention will be drawn to so many places that you would wish you were a hydra, capable of looking everywhere at once, with anxiety, worry, and stress battling inside you to see which one will get the better of you. But you should not let any of that bother you – all this can easily be handled. And no, the title is correct – there is a science to moving house as a single parent since it can all be broken down into digestible pieces and without the little one (or ones) getting in the way. Why? Because they will help.

#1 – Downsize

Moving is mostly hard because of the copious amount of belongings you have to move. You can cut that hardship out of the equation with a good old de-cluttering which will sort out that problem, no worries. You take all the unnecessary things and you put them aside for a) a yard sale, b) donation, or c) recycling. Be ruthless to your items and always ask your kids about their items. Don’t take away anything important to them, but also don’t leave everything untouched because of them. Teach them (and learn) to compromise in order to have a smaller load to transport in the moving van.

house clearance

#2 – Start Packing, Start Early

When you set a moving day and after you are done with the de-cluttering, you can start packing. The earlier you start the better. This is another place where the kids can help and you can keep an eye on them while doing it. They can pack their own things, you simply have to provide them with a box and tell them not to pack the more fragile things. And when the boxes are packed and ready, you can leave the kids to have fun with them and some crayons. Have them mark or decorate the boxes, make the man with a van that will come marvel at the colourful removal boxes they will be loading.

packing boxes

#3 – Talk to the School, the Doctor, the Other Parent

You need to inform all of the parties mentioned above about the move, if it will be to an area that will require a change of schools and doctors. Inform the headmaster at least a month prior to the move, inform the doctor in less time if needed, and ask if they could provide recommendations for a new doctor in the new area. Informing the other parent might not be that important – it is likely they already know, especially if they have talked to the kids, but at least be sure that they are informed, and it is best if they hear it from you first, and before the man and van comes for the belongings.

new school

#4 – Pack the Kids’ Room Last

Do not start packing the kid’s room until moving day. Make sure everything else is ready and all the essentials are taken care of, and that you have a first night kit. And only just before the man and van team come should you start packing the rest of your kid’s room. House removals are stressful, as you are well aware, so don’t make them more stressful for the kid. Changes are hard in kids’ lives so make them only in the last possible moment.

domestic removals with kids

#5 – Try to Have Fun

Remember, you are moving with a child. Do try to make it entertaining so that you don’t give away how stressed out you are. Try to present it all as a fun period, as something that will only lead to a better time – as well it should be.

have fun during relocation

Stick to these tips before the removal van arrives and then have a safe relocation. Don’t be too hung up on the stress and try to have a better time with it all.

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