13 September 2016
The Right Way to Pack Holiday Decorations

packing Christmas decorations

Holiday decorations are a necessary element of every big event, especially Christmas. They make for a special cargo, which you will definitely want to pack right on home relocation day. Naturally, they are not suitable for the whole year, so after every holiday, they have to be taken down and safely packed and stored somewhere away, waiting for the next big event to come and take them out of their so-called shells.

But given that most of these decorations are quite delicate, it would be a huge mistake to treat them improperly, as that would mean finding them in pieces once the man with a van team drops off your belongings at your new home. It is important to consider the best way to approach the situation, in order to transport your decorations without any damaged and broken items. Here are a few key factors to consider:

use original packaging

- Use the original packaging - keeping your holiday ornaments safe is best done by placing them in the original packaging they came in when you first bought them. It is highly likely that this packaging is best suited for their transportation and you will have peace of mind about your items at all times during their transportation on the removal van.

pack in bubble wrap

- Bubble wrap - that is an indispensable packing material when it comes to keeping decorative ornaments safe during home removals. Undoubtedly the best way to pack fragile items - such as decorations - is to wrap them in bubble wrap. Get more of it, as you can always use the little extra with other easily breakable items.

plastic boxes

- Plastic containers - plastic is sturdier than cardboard, so acquiring such containers is definitely a step in the right direction. If said containers are equipped with dividers, then you have yourself the best tool to move decorations in.

packing ornaments

- Do some sorting out - take some time to go through your ornaments and see if there are any broken, damaged and outdated that you no longer want. The upcoming house removal is the best time to get rid of some clutter, as that would mean less packing and less load to pay for.

packing supplies

- Newspaper packing – this is also a very nifty way of keeping the decorations whole and secure. It is a method that requires little work, simply wrap the decoration inside a newspaper sheet, then another if you want more protection. Proper placement in the box will also make for better packaging.

moving crate

- Crate storing – if you have any old crates in the attic or garage, you can make use of them. They are stackable items and you can safely store ornaments there as well without fearing that they will get broken. Add proper wrapping and they will be as safe as they can be.

packing materials

- Use professional packaging – many removal companies also offer quite a lot of packing materials which you can make use of. They have a variety of boxes and many of them are designed in such a way as to keep everything placed inside proper safe. You can make use of those as well, if you are willing to spare the extra pound or two.

Keep these tips in mind as you pack your decorative ornaments and decorations for your house move. It will make a big difference to keeping them safe. That way you save money on buying more decorations when you already have just the right fit for your home. Keep the original ones safe and you won’t have to spend money on them again.

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