13 September 2016
The Pros and Cons of Relocating to Brussels

moving to Brussels

Brussels is an attractive and interesting cosmopolitan city which is located in the heart of the European Union. The following information will show you the pros and cons of living in Brussels so that if you are planning house removals to this city, you will really know if it is the best place for you and your family.

Pros of relocating to Brussels:

1) It is the centre of everything

It is not only the capital city of Belgium but also the capital of the European Union. That’s why the city is very popular among foreigners as well as many international companies. If you decide to move to Brussels you will have a big chance of finding a job relatively quickly. There are also lots of Belgian companies operating in this city.

relocation to Brussels

2) The salaries are very good

Brussels is known for being the city with the second highest salaries in Europe (after London).

good salaries

3) There are many moving companies that can help you with your move

Brussels is a big city where you can find many reliable moving services. You can easily hire some professionals to help you with your move. There are many man and van services that you can choose from. You can also easily hire a moving van if you want to organise the move yourself.

house movers

4) There is a multicultural society

People from all around the world are moving to Brussels making it a multilingual and multicultural city. You will have the chance to meet lots of interesting people and to get to know their culture better.

multicultural environment

5) The lifestyle it offers

There are lots of places that you can go to when you need to shop, eat or just find some entertainment. You can choose from a variety of shopping centres, cafes, restaurants and bars. There are also lots of cultural and historical attractions that you can visit.

international removals to Brussels

6) There is a well-organised public transport

You can easily commute to your workplace by using the public transport. It is very well organised and the prices are affordable.

public transport

7) Great accommodation options

You shouldn’t have any problem finding a nice place to live in. There is also a wide selection of good schools for your kids too. You would be able to easily find a high quality local school near the place where you live in Brussels.

moving house to Brussels

Cons of relocating to Brussels:

1) The traffic

The traffic in Brussels is pretty bad. There are lots of traffic jams and traffic lights on the road. Keep that in mind every time you need to get somewhere on time. It may be a good idea to go out earlier.

traffic jam

2) There is a higher chance to be scammed by a removal company

There are lots of companies in Brussels that can offer you removal van hire but keep in mind that not all of them could be trusted. Before hiring a man and a van make sure you have chosen a reputable company that won’t scam you.

avoid scams

3) Higher competition for workplaces

Brussels is a very attractive place for lots of people looking for a better job. That’s why it’s possible that many people will be interested in applying for a certain job position.

Brussels moving companies

4) The lifestyle could be rather expensive

Living in Brussels could be really expensive. It can be rather challenging to find a cheap place to move to. However, there are certain things you can do in order to save some money. For example, you can find an accommodation that is close to your work. This way you will save money by reducing your commuting fees.

house relocations to Brussels

If you are still wondering whether Brussels is the right place for you to settle in, take the points above into account, weigh the pros against the cons and you should be able to come to a decision pretty easily. Have a safe journey!

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