12 February 2016
The Property Price Rise That Causes Londoners to Cash In and Move Out

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Do you have a nice house in the central part of London? Well, if you do, have you ever thought of moving house to the country? No, not because the fresh air and peaceful lifestyle is much better for you, but because of the sweet deals you can make from real estate in London today. There is a criminally high increase in property prices in London, and it concerns people living in the main city, and the more people who want to live there and are willing to offer incredible prices.

Whenever you feel that you are done with the main parts and want to experience some tranquil life within the country, you should know that the opportunity is there. So many people are doing it today. A flat in London that was once £60,000 is now worth well over £400,000. A family who bought their own house for £400,000 almost ten years ago sold it for £600,000. Another family bought a house for over a million pounds and guess what happened? They sold it for £2 million and now live in a £2.2 million mansion in the countryside.

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Property prices today are at an all time high rate, everybody is seeking housing in London and because of that no price is too high for the ones who have the resources to buy them. People are seeking good housing and if you can provide one in a nice spot somewhere in London, you can ask for a variety of high prices.

All you have to do is think about real estate. Bring some order to your home, prep it up and find buyers. You can get a lot of offers in no time, especially if you find the right real estate agent.

home refurbishment

Prepping Up the House
If you want your house to sell faster, you need to make it more appealing. The very fact that it is in the main part of the city is reason enough, but if you make it even more attractive, you can get at least a dozen of appealing offers. Just clean up the place and make sure everything is in working order, and just that will get the customers coming. If you add a paintjob to make the place look fresh, you will get even more attention, especially if you did not skip the exterior of the house. Some garden maintenance will be appreciated, and if you promise to leave behind a good amount of inventory, your house can be priceless.

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Next get a real estate agent to see the house and take some pictures for advertisement, and you can be sure to get a few potential customers very soon. Buyers in London are now like moths around a light bulb, once you light up the house, it will attract them, and if you show them enough, the interest you will summon will surely get you one deal or another.

After a successful deal you will have earned enough money to start seeking a good place around the outskirts of London. People now buy ones closer to London so that they don’t sacrifice any part of their lifestyle – the best houses are just an hour away from the urban part, and they can travel at any time. London’s transport links allow you to have access to any part of the city, no matter where you reside. So even if your relocation takes you to the very heart of the country, you will still be a drive away from the city and nothing will be taken from you. Is that not worth the investment and huge money profit you just made?

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Stop thinking whether you should invest in real estate if you have a nice viable place you can sell, and start thinking what you want to buy with the profit. Moving house will be the biggest of your worries once that sweet deal is made. So start upgrading and cleaning up your house, and start looking for real estate agents and movers, because there is a house to be sold and a moving company to be hired to take you to your new, richer life.

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