13 September 2016
The Potential Impact of Brexit on the Removals Industry

the impact of Brexit on movers

While Brexit sent Europe into uproar and the UK into a fit, there are certain aspects in which some people saw a positive side. People are talking about the falling rate of the pound, deportations, political upheaval, cultural separation, the state of the office, and so on, financial markets were caught off guard and are in turmoil, competition law sees barriers to overcome, and the legal system will have a hard time adjusting, but far on the back of the crowd there is a certain type of people with a wide smile on their faces.

moving companies

The Secret Benefit

Moving services are secretly grinning and awaiting all the events to come – whether positive or negative. People will be deported or they will leave, one of those things will happen, whether voluntarily or under pressure. Even if the UK backs off, there will still be people who had had enough of the seemingly nationalistic talks and will seek an exit. Not everyone in the UK will sit and wait to see what happens next. Some people are too jumpy when talks of deportation begin around them and they will not wait for the final judgment. And this is where the movers swoop in to save the day... and count the winnings.

benefits for the moving industry

One Man’s Leave Is a Moving Company’s Gain

For every person dissatisfied with the situation within the UK and seeking to leave the country, there will be numerous removal services waiting to take their order. In the beginning all this will most likely be concentrated and seen in London, where all the action is happening. Anyone not willing to constantly listen to what the (soon to be ex-) Prime Minister has to say and all the political clamour will most likely start funding the removal industry by moving home away from London, considered by some to be the heart of the problem. Anyone who is not happy and will not wait for officials to come knocking on their door will turn to the best removal services that can take them outside the country.

immigration policy

Different Scenery

Very soon the roads could be filled with more moving vans than anyone might have seen in recent memory. There are people who do not bother reading the news and live in blissful ignorance, there are people who listen to what is happening, but do not take it at heart. And then there are the people who do not like what they hear and will not stand around idly while their fate is being decided for them. And let’s call them as they are – the immigrants are not happy with UK’s decision. And when the immigrants start doing their math and decide that they will not fit into Theresa May’s list of requirements to be a British citizens, the man with a van industry will be on the go. If not everybody can fit into the “EU ideal of freedom of movement”, as May calls it, then most probably not everybody will stay to see if they do fit.

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Removal Repercussions

The removal industry is in control for the first time since forever. While usually it is they who keep the prices down and the competition up, the competition now might not be as fierce if so many immigrants start backpedalling from their British arrival. People will come knocking and prices might rise – not so far as to turn people back, but just enough as to keep the business going and then some. Of course, there will be a downside for the movers as well – many companies employ such immigrants and companies will lose employees, but when a door is shut, a window opens, and when the immigrant workers leave, that only means new job opportunities for the British. In times like these, it is good to be a moving company.

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