12 September 2016
The Negative Side Effects of International Removals

international removals

Moving house abroad is quite the romantic notion and must sound exciting for the first few weeks of contemplation. You might even get through the door and getting the man and van moving before you realise it, but there will be some side effects to follow. Once your removal van drops you off at the new place, there will be a few things that you will discover and you might find them somewhat disconcerting at first. They will be a cause for depression – the cause is inevitable, but the depression is not. You simply need to be made aware of what will befall you after you are done with the man and van.

#1 – You will be lonely.

This one you will feel on the first day you have to stay at your new home. Moving home abroad is often a lonely business. You have to face the fact that you made an egotistical decision and there is nothing wrong with that – you wanted change and you got it. No need to feel left out or abandoned, nor do you have to feel excluded from the surroundings just because they are unknown. Make them known, find your new place and loneliness will be a mere notion to ignore.


#2 – You will fear not fitting in.

One big step you did was going outside of the comfort zone. Good work with that, but going abroad might just be a bit too much. When you go to an entirely different world and not just neighbourhood, you risk not fitting in with the surroundings. This feeling can be escaped as you learn about said surroundings and you go out and discover how to fit in and how to avoid such fears. There is always a solution in action, so don’t sit and fret, go out and fit in!

not fitting in

#3 – You might lose friends.

When first you told your friends about the move, they were probably supportive and actually excited that you are advancing in life. But once the man with a van team comes and takes you, you slowly start to realise something – the parting of ways will redefine the friendship. Some people move on, and some friends will have less time to live chat with you, now that you can’t do it in person. But you shouldn’t fear that, because if somebody matters, they will stick around and support you with everything.

losing friends

#4 – You will feel guilty.

Sadly, there is one unavoidable truth, and it is that you will feel guilty for leaving everybody behind. Friends, family, maybe even a pet or your work – they are all a long distance away now. But that thought should not bother you – moving house abroad may be egotistical, but it is a way to express the self, your needs, your desires, and act upon them. There is no reason to feel guilty for wanting change, wanting a new life, or wanting to advance your career. Whatever the reason for moving – it is a choice you need to stick with and forget about guilt.


#5 – You will feel nostalgic.

This will be a recurring thing. Every now and then you will be left with nothing to do and you will have some time for contemplation, or maybe you’ll just browse through old photos and nostalgia will strike you hard. You will remember the times of old, when all was simpler and you had more people around, and more familiar faces and places to enjoy. All of this goes away once you get to discover new things about your new life. Once you feel comfortable with it, nostalgia will be a thing of yesterday.


Never let something bring you down about your relocation. Once you start making the moving checklist and set a date for the man with van, it’s time to look ahead and not back. Most of the depressing side effects appear only in relation to what you had and not what you are about to experience, so focus on the latter and don’t let the past drag you back and drag you down. Look ahead, plan and organise the relocation, and enjoy your new life.

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