12 November 2013
The House Move to E8 and its Effects on Children

The House Move to E8 and its Effects on Children


The area with postcode E8 is located in east London and includes Hackney Central, London Fields and Dalston. Moving there with your family will be a big challenge for all of you. No matter what age your children are, the effects of the relocation will be considerable and you need to be prepared for that. You have to be completely understanding and supportive, because the way you handle the move and their mixed emotions will play a serious role in the entire process of relocating.

You and your spouse will probably be excited to move to London, especially if the reason is a house purchase or a new job. However, this is not necessarily the way your children will feel about it. As a parent you need to understand and accept the way your children feel about the house move and do your best to help them cope with the change in the easiest way possible. Relocations cause a variety of feelings in children of all ages – sadness, anger, frustration, even depression. Don’t be surprised if after informing them of the move, they refuse to talk, stay in their rooms and don’t want to cooperate. Such a big change makes a child feel unsafe, vulnerable and even scared. The house relocation for the child equals a new school, new teachers, finding new friends, change of neighborhood and their familiar routine. It’s a huge stress for a child in a way that’s different from the stress that the adults experience. Parents worry about the budget and the logistics of the house move, while children worry about adapting to the new place. Anger is a common emotion, especially in children aged 12-18. Teenage years are the toughest and a house move equals serious mood swings, lack of cooperation and no willingness to help.

With younger children the situation is not easy either. A child between the ages of 4 and 8 will be strongly attached to their school, friends and the house. The change of scene will result in feelings of fear, sadness and uncertainty. Seeing strangers pack their toys and familiar items can be extremely stressful for children. You need to plan the packing and moving day properly and up to the very last detail and ideally have a friend to look after your children during that hectic time of loading the moving truck.

One of the ways to reduce the levels of stress and sadness is to take your children on a trip to the new home before the moving day – explore the neighborhood together, take them to their new school and eat in a local restaurant. Show them that there is nothing to be worried about and the change of location will bring new opportunities for the whole family. Be supportive and especially after the house move when your children will need a few weeks at least to adapt to the change.

The transition from the old home to the new one shouldn’t be a rushed process – everyone needs their time to cope with the change. Be understanding and try to get back to the familiar routine as quickly as possible. Turning the empty house into a real home is important – unpacking cannot be postponed for weeks ahead.

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