24 March 2016
The Dos and Don'ts When Moving House During the Easter Holidays

moving during Easter

Of course that moving house during the Easter holidays will seem like a good idea – you get days off and you can organise the move without having to take leave. That does kind of take away from your regular break and you will have less time to actually rest, but it will feel much more satisfactory after the house relocation is done and you are resting at your new house, ready for the Easter feast. All it takes is some extra planning and having the right priorities. Also, it helps to know the dos and don’ts of moving house at this time of the year. And here is a quick list.


•    Plan ahead. You need to be prepared and you especially need to make preparations for the relocation with your moving company. After all, it is a day off for everybody and they need to be aware that they will have work. Call them at least a month or two weeks ahead of time.

planning removals

•    Pack gradually. Don’t leave it for the last moment and don’t do it too early, or you will have to rummage through boxes until moving day arrives.

•    Pack smart. Leave the essentials for last and don’t pack your kids’ room until the last few days before the move – you should not inconvenience them more than the removals already are.

•    Communicate with the family. Make sure everybody is aware what is going on. Talk about everybody’s needs. Coordinate the packing and preparation for the move.

•    Have fun. Moving house is stressful and the more fun you can get out of it, the better. Since it’s Easter, you can hide eggs in boxes, for instance, to get some kicks after the kids find them while you are unpacking.

Easter removals

Do Not

•    Procrastinate. Waiting for something is a bad idea. Leaving any sort of planning for the last moment will only create chaos and disputes – and you don’t want that on a holiday.

•    Pack chaotically. Whatever you pack, do it in categories and label everything. It will ease the packing, it will ease the unpacking, and you can always find something that you thought you won’t need before the move.

moving services

•    Inconvenience your children. If you have kids, know that they are taking the move the worst. Change is bad in a child’s life and sudden changes are worse. Don’t pack the toys and things they are used to until the move comes and then unpack their things first once the relocation is complete.

•    Choose the cheapest available removal company. The availability of the moving companies might be at question, so don’t just go with the one that takes you. Do your research and always pick the most reliable one.

•    Do everything yourself. Your whole family is moving home as well. Don’t burden yourself with everything and don’t leave them watching you deal with everything. It should be a team effort with every step of the way.

moving during holidays

Do and don’t you way to your new home and once the removal van drops your things off at the new address, follow the team rules and start unpacking and organising the new place. Don’t be in a rush to decorate – simply make sure you have a cosy homey atmosphere in which you can enjoy the Easter holiday and watch as your kids rummage through the boxes, trying to find the colourful eggs. With a good cheer and the fun you’ll have, you will already feel at home. As you see, moving during Easter is not that difficult – you just need organization.

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