12 September 2016
The Dos and Don’ts of Moving into a High-Rise Building

moving into a high rise

Moving flat often times seems simple enough. You pick a moving company, you get their best man and van for the job, then you pack and once moving day gets here, you get moving. Sadly, life is rarely as simple as that, especially if you throw yourself curveballs like moving into a high-rise building. This is something that will be pretty hard to do the higher your flat is, and not to mention quite expensive since movers charge extra when they have to go beyond the first floors of a building. Of course, there are tricks to minimising the cost and having a much more fluid move, but you have to do the proper planning. And that requires knowledge of the dos and don’ts of taking your man and van to a high-rise building.

The Dos

• Downsize: You want to move as few boxes as possible. If you are going to use a removal service for the relocation, then at least have it do as little trips as possible to the flat and back to the removal van. Be ruthless with your belongings and take only essentials.

house clearance

• Use storage: If you do not want to get rid of extra items, then make use of storage and have the man with van take your things there and then get moving. You can move the rest from the storage to the flat yourself, just make sure they are taken care of.

secure storage

• Make sure the elevator is working: Needless to say, you will need an elevator so before moving day comes, make sure it is in service and you can use it freely. See if there is a possibility of reserving the elevator as well so that the move goes down easier.

check the elevator

• Reserve parking: The bill for the removal company will be very bad if you have to pay both for a high-storey move and emergency fees like parking too far from the building. You will not be popular with this man and van if you do. Make sure there is a parking spot right in front of the building.

parking permits

The Don’ts

• Don’t do it alone: Because of all these taxes, many people try to move themselves in sloppy DIY moves that usually result in great disaster. Just hiring a moving van will not be enough – you want help from others as well.

removal company

• Don’t use stairs: There are cases where somebody thinks it’s okay to try the stairs if the elevator is taken or out of order. Wrong! This is the equivalent of overexerting yourself on the first box. Moving home will be a horrid experience the second you come near steps as so many things could go wrong.

moving home

• Don’t forget to notify the landlord / building manager: You are supposed to make a moving reservation for the high-rise building. This may not come as a surprise, but many people do forget to make the proper notification and never get what they need to help their move when the man and a van arrive at the new location.

building manager

Follow these guidelines and the relocation should go easily. You will have no problems with settling at the new address as long as you plan properly, make the reservations and make the proper preparations. Many of these will save you from laborious removals, and others will bring the moving company fee down to the possible minimum. The main thing you have to do is don’t be too rash and too reckless. Stick to the plan, make the necessary notifications and it will all go down just fine.

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