13 September 2016
The Dos and Don'ts of Asking Friends to Help You Move

moving with the help of friends

Asking friends to assist you with your move can save you a lot of money. Since most people have moved at least once in their lives, they might be willing to lend you a helping hand. But enlisting friends in the removal process can be quite tricky. First, moving takes a lot of time and effort. Since most of the moves happen on the weekends, your friends will probably need to sacrifice their day off for you. No one likes to move boxes when they should be relaxing. On the other hand, asking for a favour may create issues later. Even if your friends offered to help you, there are certain rules that you need to follow in such situations. After all you want to stay friends with these people after the job is done.

plan for removals

Do Make a Plan

Before you call up your friends, have a clear idea of what needs to be done. Good organization is the key to a smooth and trouble-free house relocation. Decide what you will be moving and how many people you will need. Are you going to use your friends’ help for packing? Do you need to dismantle furniture and disconnect appliances? In this case you may need people with the appropriate skills. Planning your move well will make things easier for you and your volunteers.

organise the move in advance

Don’t Wait Until the Last Moment

Reach out to your friends earlier and let them you will need their help for the move. When you give people adequate notice, you increase your chances of gathering a good group of people. You can either write them a friendly mail or ask them over the phone. Be sure to provide them with enough information like when they need to show up.

house movers

Do Find Reliable People

If you don’t want to be ditched in the last moment and left with all the hard work, pick trustworthy helpers who will show up on moving day. Let them know how much time it will take to complete the job and what needs to be done. Choose friends that have the required skills to assist you. If you can’t think of such people, then you are better off hiring a man and van company.

distribute moving tasks

Don’t Be Hectic

Distribute the task among your friends depending on their skills. That way, you will manage the organisation of your move more effectively. Assign each person with tackling a number of tasks. For example, one of your buddies will be responsible for the disconnection of appliances and packing plates and crystal will be assigned to someone else.

run a giveaway

Do Run a Giveaway

You probably have a pile of items that you won’t need in your new home. Let your friends take some of the things. This is a great incentive as well. Who wouldn’t like some free stuff? You won’t need to go through the trouble of disposing of your unwanted goods and your friends will be happy.

moving equipment

Don’t Skimp on the Tools

If you are planning to DIY your relocation, you will need proper equipment. Man with a van professionals use tools such as dollies, trolleys and hand trucks. You may also need screwdrivers, wrenches other instruments to dismantle furniture and appliances.

serve food

Do Play Some Music and Have Food

Make it fun! Blast your favourite soundtrack. It will make the work less tedious. Buy beverages and snacks. Pizza and beer is the most popular choice, but you can also go for tea and biscuits or try any type of quick delivery or takeout. When the job is done, your friends can relax and eat, without needing to cook or going out to a restaurant.

moving house

Don’t be Ungrateful

Ask friends to help you only if you are willing to return the favour. They are giving their time to you and they will expect you to do the same for them one day.

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