10 September 2016
The Best Places to Study in the UK

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No more high school! But just when you think that the annoying school life is actually over, now it’s time to pick where you want to go to study further. The UK has plenty of towns and universities where you can direct your removal company, and it is a hard choice to put a finger on the top 5 or top 10. There are plenty of official rankings which can be seen on the web, but, in actuality, without looking at all the statistics, where can you really move to and have a grand university life? We all know that Cambridge and Oxford are the best UK has to offer, but neither of their cities is featured as a preferred location for living as a student in. Also, let’s face it, it all depends on what kind of student you were. But let’s look at some of the best options you have around, regardless of your grades.


Let’s start with the obvious choice. London is the capital for a reason. There is hardly something you cannot find there, and that includes brilliant universities for almost any class, grades, and even taste. Here you have the University College London – ranked as the 7th university in the world, it definitely has a lot to offer and you’ll be hard-pressed to find faults in studying there. Right behind it, in the 8th position (and a former 2nd) is the Imperial College London, located right beside the gigantic Hyde Park, and a brilliant place to study engineering and natural sciences. Other placed worthy of note for a relocation are: Queen Mary, University of London; School of Oriental and African Studies; City University London; and Brunel University.

University College London


Living in Scotland is a joy to many and that includes all the knowledge-hungry students. The nation capital provides excellent places to further their skills and knowledge – two, in fact. First you have the University of Edinburgh, one of the most diverse universities in the entire world, placed 21st in the QS World University Rankings for 2015, and 3rd in the subject of Linguistics. And then you have the Heriot-Watt University, one of the best places of research and learning all about engineering. Both places provide excellent academic activities and a foundation upon which to build a proper career.

University of Edinburgh


This city offers quite a variety of quality universities. Though not as much as London, all of the universities there are still excellent places to start an education in life and a diploma which will matter everywhere in the world. Looking for great places to study development studies, architecture, or arts and design? Well, you have come to the right place as Manchester gives you the University of Manchester, the Manchester Metropolitan University, and the University of Salford – a trio of brilliant locations to serve for your introduction to any of the aforementioned subjects. Manchester is also a great place to live in, especially if you like music, as this is where many famous bands have started from, including Oasis and The Smiths.

University of Manchester


And then you have the humble city of Coventry. You might not find it listed when somebody is talking about famous and grand places to live in, but it gives you all the comfort the rest of the cities provide, minus the hectic life and noisy scene. And in terms of universities it has two QS-ranked places to further your education in. The first one is the University of Warwick, a wonderful place to study arts and humanities, and history; and then you have Coventry University, which has been around for over 100 years and still teaches students about the value of culture and the importance of business studies. This is a perfect example why you should not ignore a city for house removals only because it’s smaller.

University of Warwick

With all these the UK has plenty to offer. Ask yourself what you want in life and study hard – these are the places that accept the best students and you want to be the best in the future. Start making the moving checklist; make your decision and the look for that moving company to finish the relocation to your city and university of choice.

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