12 November 2013
The Benefits of Trusting N16 Removal Services

The Benefits of Trusting N16 Removal Services


If you are moving home then you will know that there are a number of different ‘moving home options’ available to you.

1. DIY N16 house move: this is where you rent a van or a trailer and take care of your house removal by yourself. Whilst this may be the cheapest of all the options, it involves the most work and planning from you so you must be sure you have the time to dedicate to the move before you decide to do this.
2. Man with a van: this is the mid-point between a DIY house removal and hiring a removals company. In terms of costs, it is also a happy medium between the two. What a N16 man with a van service can offer you really depends on which one you book with, some will only drive your belongings from your old to your new home, others will help you to load and unload the van. Obviously, the more they can help you the quicker the removal will be completed.
3. Removal company N16: this is, as you have guessed, the most expensive of the options, however it is also the one that offer the most benefits and help to you.

The benefits of booking an N16 removal service:

• Removal companies usually have more staff, these staff are typically better qualified and highly skilled and trained in their job role, more often than not they are very experienced.
• These removal companies also have a bigger selection of vehicles, in a range of sizes. These vehicles are well-maintained , providing extra security to your belongings during transit, and they are also fully licenced (you can ask to see documentation of this).
• Insurance is usually included in the quote, or is offered at an additional charge, this insurance covers you, your belongings and your property in the event of anything being lost, damaged or broken completely.
• Removal companies often have specialised tools and equipment designed to help move bigger and heavier things, this means that one person can move something that would ordinarily need at least 2 people to move.
• Additional services are offered by a number of removal companies, these include, but are not limited to:
o Packing services; not only will the removal company supply all of the packing materials for you, but they will professionally wrap and protect and then pack all of your belongings. Because the removal company is experienced in packing, they will be able to protect your things much better than you could, and in a much shorter time frame.
o Dismantling and erecting furniture: some removal companies are able to dismantle furniture in your old home, transport it to the new home and then re-erect it for you there. This makes moving it much quicker, and also reduces the risk of it getting damaged during transit.
o Help loading and unloading van
o Storage solutions: if you find that you cannot house all of your belongings in your new home, you will need to consider storing them, some removal companies can offer you this facility.
• Well-established and reputable companies are often a member of the British Association for Removers (BAR), this association was formed to regulate the removal companies and ensure that they are working with the best interests of their customers. Members of this association must follow strict codes of conduct, they must ensure customer satisfaction, ensure all of their vehicles are properly licenced and well maintained and must include or offer insurance. The association is a safety net for customers as it gives you someone to complain to should something go wrong. Therefore try to hire a removal service that is a member of the BAR association.

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