27 January 2016
The Art of Labelling Moving Boxes

labelling moving boxes

Relocating to a new home is stressful and time consuming enough, so there is no need for you to make the things more complicated not only for yourself, but for the movers as well. This is why labelling your boxes is an essential element of the moving process.

Efficient labelling, even though it may seem very time consuming, will speed up your move tremendously and will make your unpacking process much easier.
The labelling of the boxes makes the transportation of your items safer, so the movers will have the chance to organize your belongings inside the moving van better.

removal van

Decide how you will sort your belongings – by room, by essence of the belongings, or by another system that suits your needs. Let your moving company know the meaning of your labelling system, so that the movers will be able to organize their work more effectively. Also, it will help the movers to find the place where each box goes in the new house easier, so you will have all your things at the right room right away.

In your moving checklist, include all the valuable information that you need, such as the number of the boxes that you have, so you can track them easier, the colour, which represents the room the box is going to, and the essence of the things inside the box.

packing boxes

When you pack, don’t think just about the packing itself, but also think about the unpacking process. Make sure that you label the items depending on the time frame, in which when they should be unpacked – right after you move in, not that urgent and not urgent at all.

Make sure that you put your labels in a visible place. Most of the times the boxes are piled up on top of each other, which makes it difficult to see the labels if they are put on the top of the box. The solution to this problem is to start labelling the boxes on the sides, so the information can be easily accessible. Many people prefer to put the labels on every side of the box, so they can easily see it from every angle.


Make sure that you add a visible sign FRAGILE when you label breakable items. It may save you a lot of headaches and unpleasant surprises later on when you unpack your belongings.

moving fragile items

The most popular way to label boxes is by using different colours of markers. If you choose to use a marker for the labelling of your boxes, chose a good quality markers, preferably water proof permanent markers, because often in the process of moving the boxes may get wet and the signs may become unreadable. If you prefer to use just colours to label your boxes, the method which is mostly known as colour coding, it is important to put the meaning of each colour in your moving checklist. With all the excitement of the moving day, you may forget what each colour was representing. There is one more reason why it is always a good idea to have a moving checklist where you can include all this valuable information.

moving checklist

The same way you choose quality materials for the boxes and the cushioning of the belongings, it is important to choose a good quality labelling materials as well. There are many awesome ready box labelling stickers, which you can get from the nearest office supply store or you can order different varieties online. You are able to buy great labels in the nearest office supply store, but if you prefer custom made labels, you are able also to print your own.

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