30 March 2016
The 5 Best Countries in Europe to Move to after Retirement

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The clock is ticking and after a point you will finally see why people quit work and decide to settle down. You did your part, now it’s time to rest. That’s quite enough work, enough with the worries and anxiety of the middle age. And you should also make the rest count. Don’t just sit on your sofa for the rest of your life – especially if you haven’t seen enough world till now. If you have, then you already know why you should try and find a good place to retire to abroad and immediately start making arrangements with your removal company. Find a cosy and comfortable spot where you can live out the rest of your happy life. Europe can provide you with many choices for that – it has countries and cities full of life, full of colour and people, entertainment and culture, more history than you ever thought existed, and values to complement your own. But which of them should you head to? Well, you have quite a few choices, but here are what are considered to be the five best ones.

moving to Italy

Known mostly for their wonderful pasta and even more brilliant pizza-making skills, the Italians offer you a world of excellent architecture, stylish cafes, and magnificent lifestyle. There are plenty of places in Italy where you don’t need that much money to feel comfortable, but if you do have the wealth, then this country will be wide open to you and will show you what the good life is all about. Rome in particular is one of those places that will give you so much with its historical sites which will let you get acquainted with the culture and you can be part of the country and not just a late visitor.

removals to Portugal

When viewing an atlas, people are somewhat negligent of the huge circle that is Portugal – it is rarely the first choice for a house relocation, but that’s only if you under-think it. This country has quite the sights on offer for everybody who is interested and wants to see what life is like as Portuguese. It has a lot of affordable residency options, and with the improved taxes and health care, along with all the opportunities for entertainment, it is a great choice to retire to.

relocation to France

Do you like art and culture? Then maybe France is not exactly the place for you. But if you absolutely LOVE art and culture, then France is exactly the place you should retire to. The French opulence is renowned across the globe and it’s not all just for show – it is an inspiring country to be in, and it has plenty of affordable areas which are complemented with excellent climate that will show you the best of all seasons. Either live in the lush cities and see the brilliance of the country’s architectures, or settle in the tranquil environment of the French countryside, you will always have options.

Spain removals

Another direction to redirect your moving company to would be Spain. They offer a rich culture and lots of festivals, and you will be able to visit and participate on any one of them, because it also gives you a wonderful part of the climate zone where you get the best of the weather. Vibrancy and nativity are the words that perfectly express the country, but in a more modern and not stuck-in-history kind of way. And all that is strengthened by the fact that Spain is actually one of the most affordable places you can go to in Europe.

moving to Malta

And if you want to eliminate the worst part of the cold seasons completely, then Malta is where the removal van should take you. Moving house to the Maltese islands means getting a mild winter and hot summers, and some of the cleanest and freshest air you have ever encountered in your life. Some people would argue that moving to an island will estrange you from the mainland, but that is balderdash – the Maltese airlines provide affordable transport to any part of the continent you want to visit.

Take your pick of these five places for a house relocation and have a great retirement. All of these countries will offer you something in terms of aesthetics, spirituality, culture, or history. They all have affordable housing and great places to visit, and all of them offer brilliant cuisine worth tasting on a daily basis.

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