26 January 2016
The 10 Cheapest London Areas to Rent In

the cheapest London areas

If you have moved to live and work in London, you probably know the feelings of joy and happiness when you manage to find an affordable apartment for rent. If the accommodation is situated relatively close to your workplace, you better play the lottery, because you are really lucky to have found this lodging.

There are lots of factors to consider when you are planning a relocation  to a new accommodation. The cost of rent is usually the main factor for most of people living and working in London. Other important things to consider are the connectivity of the district and the crime rate in the area.

London suburbs

Lots of organizations and companies are collecting information on rent costs in different parts of the city to make a list with the top districts where there is a good chance to find an affordable lodging. The borough with the cheapest rental apartments and houses is Waltham Forest. It is situated in the north-eastern part of the capital. While the average monthly costs for rent in London are around £748.04, in this district of the city you can rent accommodation for as cheap as £435.89.

If rent costs are your deal breaker when you are looking for a new place to live, relocation to Waltham Forest is definitely worth it. Of course, the removal to the new rental includes other costs, like hiring a moving company and removals and storage firms, but in the long term, you have the chance to save a lot of cash if you live in a cheap accommodation. According to new surveys on rentals in London it seems that the best deals for rental lodging are found in the districts situated in the northern boroughs of the capital.

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The second location with cheap rents on the list is Haringey. Rents in the area are around £518 per month.

The third London Borough on the list is Lewisham. One of the highlights of the district is the fact that the Prime Meridian passes through it. Except this advantage, Lewisham attracts more and more tenants with its relatively affordable rent costs. The surveys reveal that it is possible to rent accommodation for around £586 per month. This borough is the last area on the list with avarage rents under £600.

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Also on the list is the London Borough of Ealing. It takes 6th place on the list with affordable lodging with rents of £619 per month. Different surveys amongst tenants in the cheapest boroughs in London for rent are trying to evaluate the living conditions in the areas. The results reveal that people living in those districts feel safe, thanks to the low crime rates in the boroughs.

Before you start looking for accommodation deals, it is worth making a research of the areas you would want to live in. Transport costs and time as well as the connectivity of the area and the presence of good schools etc. are also important factors that make certain areas of the city more attractive than others. What are the 10 cheapest London boroughs to rent in?

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1. Waltham Forest - £435
2. Haringey - £518
3. Lewisham - £586
4. Sutton - £600
5. Barking and Dagenham - £605
6. Ealing - £619
7. Newham - £624
8. Barnet - £635
9. Redbridge - £635
10. Enfield - £645

Keeping in mind that the costs for rent in London are increasing in the last years, it is definitely useful to know where the cheapest districts are.

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