14 March 2016


storage facilities With more than ten years of experience, Man and Van Star offers one of the best self storage facilities in the UK. We are the leading providers of this service in our country and have a huge space available for offering secure storage facilities for all types of customers. We are constantly working on our storage facility and keep on adding more space while the demand for this service of ours keeps growing. More and more people are becoming aware of this great service and are turning to self storage as an option to securely storing their valuables rather than keeping them at home. All of our storage locations are easily accessible by our customers and are open round the clock for anyone to come in and get their belongings whenever they need. They are also available at 020 8746 4391 for any queries.

The best thing about our storage facility is that we have different ones available for multiple purposes and uses. We not only offer small lockers for storage but offer room sized spaces where much larger items can be stored. Along with that we also offer spacious areas which businesses can use as trade counters, and for retail purposes. We offer self storage, bulk storage, and multi-site storage. We cater to not only individual customers but corporations as well that are looking for solutions to store their documents, and for archiving. We also offer spaces to temporarily run offices. Finally we offer great packing and moving services for whenever you need to take your items away or come to store them in our facilities.

Most of our clients are those people who are just setting up their business or are start – up companies. They require virtual offices and locations from where they can run their business until they move into better and much larger setups. For such clients we offer storage facilities from where they can run their business by setting up their network to cater to IP telephony, phone answering, and mailboxes, so that they have a complete office setup. These special purpose offices are properly equipped with lights and electricity circuits so that the office workers can use their computers and laptops. In all we strive to cater to our business clients by offering them a setup that is secure, flexible, and affordable. We are committed to offering the most and thus always make sure that these storage areas are continuously kept neat and clean.

self-storage The biggest concern of most of our customers is the security provided in our storage facility. To ensure our customers complete peace of mind when coming to us for storage purposes, we have set up all our lockers and storage areas with strong security systems. CCTV cameras are also installed in each storage room and everywhere else. These cameras are being continuously watched over by our security team that takes shifts in offering a great service round the clock.

The staff that we have hired to run the storage facility of Man and Van Star is committed to offering the best and most friendly service. They are always engaged with all clients to get continuous feedback on how to further improve their facility and their service. They work hard to ensure that each customer goes through a completely hassle free process that is convenient, and easy for them. They strive to be approachable by all so people can feel free to share their views with them. Due to this hard work and dedication, the name of our company has grown much higher in the industry of storage areas. We have a strong reputation for being a reliable and safe company. You can call us at 020 8746 4391 for further information.

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