09 September 2016
So You're Moving to Streatham?

moving to Streatham

The moving checklist is taken care of, the preparations are done. You have already contacted the moving company and everything is confirmed and in motion. Operation ‘Moving House to Streatham’ is a go. But are you aware of what to expect in Streatham? It is not only a humble area of London where you can go to live a peaceful life. Streatham has a lot to offer everybody who directs their house relocation to the area and it will be up to you to discover all the small and simple treasures it has to offer. But here is a quick guide to help you look for them anyway.

Streatham Street

After the relocation is complete, immediately go to Streatham Street and see the main place where you will be spending your money in the area. You will find everything you need right here. You get all the grocers, the specialised shops, the art and design shops, the house and garden shops, the big markets and all the rest of the brilliant locations you can find all that you will want in terms of produce and shopping.

removals to Streatham

And as far as entertainment goes, Streatham Street houses all the good theatres in Streatham. Visit the Phoenix Theatre, the Dominion Theatre, or the Shaftesbury Theatre for all the great plays and current events in the area. You won’t be spared when it comes to sights and attractions as well. The Street has enough museums and galleries to offer to satisfy even the most pretentious observer.

Streatham movers

Looking for leisure? No worries – Streatham Street has you covered on that account as well. They have the parks and gardens, the art centres, and even the sports centres where you will have plenty of room and options to blow off some steam of seek physical activities. And if you want a bit of everything, then visit All Star Lanes, the brilliant restaurant and bowling alley where all the friends gather to enjoy life in Streatham.

relocation to Streatham

Streatham Common

And if you don’t want socialising and prefer to experience the calm and peaceful life in the open areas of Streatham, you want to see the Common. It is a huge area of open green space, most famous for all the cricket games played there – it is one of its traditional features and if you talk to residents there about Streatham Common, the theme of cricket will inevitably pop out.

Streatham removal company

Despite the open space, it is not a thoroughly uninhabited area. Up in the northern part you will find Park Hill, a surviving century manor house renewed in the 19th century where the richest person in the area once lived.

Streatham Hub

Don’t think that Streatham will always be the same peaceful place. There are a lot of renovations coming and parts of them have already been completed. If you take your house removals to Streatham, then you should know about the Streatham Hub project – one that will bring new development and major changes to the area for the benefit of its inhabitants. It brought the Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre, one of the largest buildings in the area, and there are more to come.

moving house to Streatham

Ultimately, if you are stubborn about moving house to Streatham, then you want initially peaceful life where you can keep seeking and finding excitement at every corner. With the Streatham Hub project that may change, but it will be a gradual one that will let you get used to it long before it actually happens. Until then, go to the Hideaway jazz venue and enjoy the music of Streatham with friends or family.

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