23 October 2017
Small Moves Service


small moves uk Man and Van Star offers small moves services in London and UK. This is a great alternate to hiring the complete removal services package. It is intended for small tasks with less luggage and shorter distances, though it is a service available to customers all over UK. Now you don’t have to worry about any hassle of lifting heavy boxes, getting a van from some place, and driving all the way to your new location. With this service you can greatly enjoy the basic benefits that you need while not having to pay much either. The prices are very low making it an affordable choice for everyone. All you have to do is pick up the phone and dial 020 8746 4391 to get a quick estimate on the service you want. This small scale service is readily available making it a quick and efficient way of getting the work done.

Our service is available throughout the week which means we have movers ready for you even on the weekends. Now you don’t have to wait for the working days in order to get your shipment done. We offer a very friendly service that you can feel totally comfortable dealing with. Trust is not an issue with us at all. Our dealings are completely transparent letting our customers know how we do work at every level. We even offer full insurance for all the services to maximize the peace of mind you get when you entrust us with your valuables. With an extensive experience and years of being in business, we have a strong portfolio of happy and satisfied customers to endorse us. We also strive to ensure that all our operations are completely environmentally friendly along with the packaging materials that we use.

We want to offer you the best service and thus we decided to give you some useful tips that you can adopt along with our convenient service to make the most out of your relocation plans. To begin with the packing stage which is the first and most important stage, always make sure that your items are placed at a high platform like a table so that you don’t have to keep bending down and end up with a back ache by the time you are finished. Never use newspaper for wrapping china or glass because the color will stain them with ink. Secondly always avoid wrapping both of these things together. Use separate bubble wrap for them both.

small removals When putting your stuff into boxes, always make sure that the open flap side is at the top so that you don’t have to face any problem when taping your boxes up. Always use a strong and good quality duct tape and use at least two strips of the tape to secure close the boxes. Also make sure that you don’t over load one box otherwise it will get too heavy and it can break open and spill all your items. It’s also very important to write your name and address on your boxes so that in case you lose them you can track them easily. In order to unpack easily, it is best that you arrange all your items neatly by keeping similar things in one box and then others separately. You can number your boxes and then keep a list by writing down what each box contains. This technique is really helpful when unpacking your boxes or looking for something later on. You will also immediately notice if any number is missing. Keeping tracks is easily when all the boxes are neatly labeled with their numbers on them. For further information on Man and Van Star simply call at 020 8746 4391.

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