12 September 2016
Should You Move to a Small Town?

moving to a small town

If you have been spending the last few hours, weeks, or even days sitting in front of the screen of your computer monitor or iPad, browsing through real estate ads, then you are probably looking for the best ones. And a lot of the best ads you can find are for houses in the countryside, or in towns smaller than the one you are in. But is it worth exchanging city life as you know it for life in a smaller place? Should you bother with a whole house relocation to a place seemingly more boring than where you live? Well, it really depends on your lifestyle and preferred activities. But here are some of the things that await you if you direct the man and van to a small town.

moving house

Peace and Tranquillity

Many people shun smaller places because they are boring. But, actually, boredom is a state of mind and has nothing to do with an actual place. In a small town, boredom is often mistaken for the peaceful atmosphere which the town offers its visitors and inhabitants. Small towns are quiet, they have a fixed way of life and an established routine which they follow all the time. It’s actual peace, away from everyday metropolitan struggles and city hassles. There is barely any traffic, and traffic jam is only a collocation you can see in the newspaper when reading about the city rush. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, then start planning your house removals.

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The Environment

Smaller towns are always greener than the big city. People do care about recycling because nature is part of the environment of the town and they make their best efforts to preserve it as safe as possible. And speaking of safety, small towns are rarely afflicted with the criminal activity usually met in the city. Cities are all about gain, money, spending, and such – the small town is about the way of living, it has very little bait for criminal activity.

small town removals

The Community

This is one of those things that surprise you once the removal services are done. It does resemble the suburban area where neighbours come to say hello and bring cake to greet you. People in smaller towns are genuinely friendly and while they are never missing the odd grump, you will find much more friendly faces than not. People there gather during events, bond, the word ‘neighbourly’ actually has meaning, unlike the type of neighbour that will bang on the wall, yelling you are watching your TV too loud. And people in the small town actually know each other. Quick, name 10 people in your city, outside of your immediate friend circle! It’s tough to name the drops in a sea of strangers, right?

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The Savings

It is much easier to save money when you are in the small towns. Cities are ruled by consumerism. Everybody is advertising, everybody is creating and marketing something. And when you are assaulted by all the ads and pressure, buying it only seems sensible, despite often times whatever you bought goes into a drawer, to be taken out twice an year and then put back after wondering why it is there. But smaller towns have a very succinct market – they have only what you need, no more, no less. That way all your money go for bills, essential needs, and savings. Extra luxury can be acquired via delivery. Moving home to a small town does not deprive you of any of the amenities you are used to.

relocation to a small town

Don’t think too hard – it’s really an easy question. If you prefer the simpler life, the quiet environment, the cleaner setting, and the friendlier community, then you need to call your estate agent and moving company today. Don’t use boredom as an excuse – nobody with enough imagination can be bored of a place. Make your moving checklist and then plan the relocation to that simpler, quieter, more family-friendly environment. Otherwise, enjoy the entertainment of the busy city life.

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