12 November 2013
Ruislip Storage - Make The Best Choice For Your Possessions

Ruislip Storage – Make The Best Choice For Your Possessions


Firstly, allow us to congratulate you on the purchase of your new home in Ruislip – we hope that you’ll be very happy there for many years to come.

However unfortunately, when you’re moving house, it isn’t always possible to carry out a straightforward, traditional transition whereby you move out of the old home and into your new place. Life just isn’t always that easy. Or maybe, you are moving directly into your new house but you have some renovation works to carry out before you can move all of your furniture into your new property.

In either case, you are going to need to think about where you are going to store your possessions in the interim period. If you are using a Ruislip removal firm they often offer storage facilities in addition to their Ruislip removal services. This option has the obvious advantage that if you are partly moving into your new home you only have to deal with one company which can make the whole process a lot less complicated. However, using your removal company to store your property may not be the best option for you. Here are some of our recommendations of things to take into account before you make your decision:

• Does the storage company supply their customers with packing kits? This can be a huge advantage to the customer (and to the company) as the storage company’s bespoke kits will fit perfectly (and safely) into their storage units.

• How much storage space are you going to require? You need to ensure that you book the correct sized unit to suit your needs. Book one that is too small and you won’t get all of your possessions in; book a unit which is too large and you’re going to be paying for space you didn’t need. Most Ruislip storage companies have fully trained advisers to help you decide on the amount of space you require. In addition, many of the storage company websites have storage space calculators that you can use to help you choose the best sized unit for you.

• The location of the facility is important – there is no point having your possessions in Birmingham if your new property is in Ruislip. After all, you may just need to collect your furniture on an ad hoc basis rather than all in one go.

• How long are you going to need you items stored for? Do you have to rent the unit for a minimum period?

• What kind of security does the storage company offer? Do they have CCTV; security guards on patrol; fire alarms fitted? You need to know who has access to the keys to your unit; have the company’s employees been fully vetted?

• Does the company have adequate insurance? What about insuring higher valued items if needed?

• Are the units clean, dry and accessible? It’s probably a good idea to visit the storage companies to have a look at their facilities before making a booking.

• What happens if you urgently need to retrieve an item from storage? Can you access your property at any time of the day or night or only during the opening hours of the facility? Do you need to book an appointment to access your unit?

• If you need to collect larger items of furniture will you be provided with pallet trucks or trolleys? If these are available, is there an additional cost involved for the use of the equipment?

• If you have delicate items that you need to store are there any ventilated units available to protect your possessions from the elements.
These pointers should help you to choose the best storage company to suit your needs – remember to be prepared and know what you want and needs are before you begin your search.

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