16 December 2014
Picking the Perfect Furniture for your Office after a Move

Picking the perfect furniture for your office is important for a number of reasons. Offices are meant to be smooth, ergonomic and frill-free designed spaces, where the day’s business is conducted, however depending on the type of business, the type of furniture needed for a specific office can vary. For instance, our business can change and when we have a relocation from one place to another, our moods and tastes can change. Office removals are challenging because of all the furniture that goes along with them, however picking the perfect furniture for your office after your move, is crucial.

Choosing your supplier carefully is imperative as they need to have a really extensive range to be able to choose from. Some people shop online and are happy with that, some go to places like Staples and PC world, to physically take a look at what they are buying. Some places that physically sell office furniture add the service of assembling everything on site instead of leaving you with a nightmarish instruction manual that you need to do all by yourself. Ordering flat pack furniture sometimes is easier however if you are ordering a made-to-order piece of furniture or furniture sets, then be aware that the estimated delivery time is around 6 weeks to 2 months, so it is wise to place the order atleast 2 months prior to your move.  Also, if you have bespoke items of furniture when it comes to booking a removal company, you will have to mark these items as fragile and have them wrapped extra carefully, so that they are not damaged, cracked or broken in transit to the new place.

Picking out the right type of chairs for yourself and your staff is necessary, pick a flexible chair that doesn’t hold your (or their) spine in one place. The best types of chairs for this are flexible syncho-chairs that enable you to move the back comfortably for minimal spinal damage. Bad posture is the number one concern for most office workers and choosing the correct type of furniture, often eliminates this legitimate worry. These type of chairs are anywhere between £150 to around £200 and a great investment for your office. Often their warranties last anywhere between 3 to 5 years, something that is worth putting your money towards.

Cheap removals can be done with standard office furniture, such as chairs and rectangular board-room styled tables. Things like lateral filing systems really help because they save an exceptional amount of space in a new office, however the only danger of using them is that they may start to make you or your staff feel a little enclosed, as they tower quite high. Places such as an interior design office are often the exceptions to “standard” office furniture, as clients would often be coming to you for ideas on how to make their home or their place of work much more glamorous and tailor made, as opposed to just going to IKEA to get the bare basics when it comes down to furniture. A lot of the time, picking the perfect furniture for your office often means that it is wise to see what type of business you are operating and pick the furniture, including the colour scheme; according to that. Having your furniture installed neatly and correctly at your premises, means for a lasting business impression.

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