27 January 2016
Packing services for your Catford Move

Packing services for your Catford Move


Moving house or office is immensely stressful and a lot of hard work, would it not be easier to find a company who could do the packing of your goods as well as the moving of the boxes? Well if you can afford it, you can have it! There are plenty of packing services in Catford and in the surrounding areas that serve the whole of London.

Pretty much all of the large, well established firms in London offer a full range of services to help your move become an easy one. They can come to your house and pack up your items for you, even dismantling larger items that can be taken down, and packing them up, with materials that they supply. They then offer a comprehensive removals service, doing all the work so that you won’t have to break your back getting things shifted. Once the move is done, they will unpack and reassemble items for you, even helping with the placement of furniture and other goods for you. Should you need storage, they can arrange it, they even offer to move your items to the storage unit of your choice, another thing off your mind to make your moving day completely stress free!

Many of the mid level removal men in London also offer to pack your house up with their own supplied materials, but also offer different levels of packaging service. Should you feel like you can get the job done your self, then they can bring the materials to your front door and let you get on with it. Should you feel like the job is to much for one person, but you don’t need the whole place doing, then they can do a ‘part pack’ which includes kitchen items as well as mirrors. The whole pack is obviously when they pack down your whole house for you. Once you have unpacked they will also collect the boxes from you, free of charge, which saves trips to the recycling plant, or clutter in your new home. Some of these firms also offer office removals, and feature a great many positive testimonials on their website, so you can be sure of their guaranteed good service should you employ them. To get a quote just call them free phone on the number on their site.

The smaller, but more efficient firms in London are usually a family run company, which is very attractive to the potential mover. You can be sure that you’re getting a fantastic service from such an outfit as these, as they have a reputation to keep, and you know that your money is going to family people who work hard to give you the best service that money can buy. There is also a sense of history with the company, as many have been running removals in London since the 60s! Most older firms will sell you packing materials online, so you don’t have to leave your house, and also offer a comprehensive packing service to go a long with their removals. They also offer a type of storage called ‘containerized storage’ which can be put into effect mid move, or after. It is considered a most efficient system, as the containers are fork lift compatible, and can be brought to your home, packed, listed and taken to their unit, where they are stored until you request them. The facility is fully guarded and alarmed, so you can rest easy knowing that your items are being kept safely and securely.

we hope that these three examples of companies that provide a packing service all vary somewhat, but not enough to give a clear indication of a ‘best’ service, we leave that choice up to you!

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