12 November 2013
Packing Items for Highbury House Removals

Packing Items for Highbury House Removals


If you are about to move to Highbury, you are a lucky, lucky individual. The area is a beautiful one, full of verdant green spaces, and beautiful architecture, which makes for an amazing place to live. Twinning this with a cultural scene, buzzing nightlife and great shopping, and you’re in one of London’s lesser known premier destinations. If you’re moving into one of the beautiful town houses that line the streets of north east London, then you’ll likely be moving all of your prized possessions in to the house, which will mean you may want some advice on packing items for Highbury house removals. The process is simple enough, and can be done by anyone, the place where most fall down however, is in how tedious it can be, and when boredom sets in, you can find that you start doing a slacker job as you start to try to speed things up. This can be a disaster, as rushing things can mean that all of your packing work can come undone, quite literally, as badly placed tape and hastily rolled wrapping can come apart and the results will be upsetting and costly. For these reasons, you should give yourself a long time over which to get the packing done, so that you can break up the sessions into a couple of hours at a time. This will mean that you can focus properly on the task at hand for intensive periods, and then having rested for a day or so, get back to it again, without feeling fatigued or bored of it all, which means you should do a consistently good job. With this in mind, start early, and work out a timetable of packing, so that you know exactly how much you have done, and how much there is still to do. Stick carefully to your time table, and you should find that the whole thing is a lot more relaxing than it may have seemed at first, and that your job is a good one.

As far as technique goes, you’re going to need the right tools for the job. This means stocking up on boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, newspaper and marker pens. You should order a couple of rolls more of the packing tape than you think, as it always runs out half way through a job, and even if you have a bit to spare at the end of the process, it is always useful around the house for postal deliveries and odd jobs, especially for last minute things for the Highbury move. You should try to use as little bubble wrap as possible, as it can be bad for the environment, and will also take up a lot of space in your boxes. You will only need one layer in reality, so be sparing and it will go further. Pack everything into boxes in a way that means that each item will move about as little as possible. This sort of packing will reduce the chance of things breaking as they clatter together in the van. When you are setting up your boxes, make sure you tape up every opening, so that it is as strong as possible, as this will prevent them falling apart, which can be catastrophic when being carried.

Finally, make sure that you mark down a rough list of contents on the outside of each box, so that there is no confusion when you are trying to find something during the move. It will also help with your unpacking process.

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