10 September 2016
Organising a Move for Your Grandparents

help your grandparents move

Not everybody is capable of doing everything during a house relocation. Some people need help, and if those people are your grandparents, then you are obliged to help. There are so many ways to make their move that much easier and have them moved to wherever they desire. And yes, you should do the work – they have already done their part, now it’s time for them to rest. So do this one chore and make the relocation simple and the only thing you should let them do is choose the method of transportation to their new home. Meanwhile, it is up to you to do the moving checklist, and you start that with:

A) Find a proper moving company

This time you are not dealing with your own belongings, so risks are unnecessary. Find the most reliable removal company in the area. You need to be sure that whoever comes for the belongings will transport them safely and leave unload everything they loaded at the new address. Look for referrals and ask around, ask for legal documents, make sure they offer insurance in case of accidents. It is your job to find the best movers in town on the job.

removals company

B) Pack safely

Unless you are willing to pay for packing services, then roll up your sleeves, get your cardboard boxes and start packing. Make sure everything is ordered and organised. Use a proper labelling system to make sure everything is accounted for and safely tucked away to be found and removed from the box exactly when needed. Have a priority marker as well and take out the priority items first.

packing boxes

C) Attend moving day

This is probably needless to say, but you do need to be there when the removal company arrives. You help with the loading and carrying and let your grandparents rest, or directly send them on their way to the new home to travel the way until you handle the rest. No point in them staying here and watching you load things to the moving van (under no circumstances do you have them help with the loading – that’s what you and the movers are here for), so they should be off, exploring their new habitat.

moving house

D) Unpack and arrange

After the relocation, it is up to you to take everything out of the boxes and order it as they would like it. And yes, always ask how they would like it – don’t impose your opinion, because you are not the one who will be living here. Ask and arrange away till you have a picture which your grandparents will be happy with. Help them settle in as best you can. You can even go out and explore the area, and then tell them about the nice places you’ve found nearby where they can do their shopping, or go to a restaurant (or pub – there’s no age too old for that).

unpacking services

E) Have a welcoming party

One way to celebrate the successful move with your grandparents is to have a big welcoming party where you can have them meet their neighbours. That’s a good way to start their life in their new setting, and then maybe still till you clean the place the day after. After that you can have your retreat and leave them to their peaceful lives.

house relocation

And that’s how you go about doing that. Follow this small checklist and you will be able to provide your grandparents an effortless move. Help them just as much as they have helped you during the years, and pay interest, because they probably deserve it all. Make sure the relocation is complete and then take your leave, knowing it was a job well done.

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