13 September 2016
Must-Have Tools to Make Your Move Easier

safe house removals

Just like every other project, you need the right tools to tackle your move successfully. Proper equipment and supplies are essential for the safety of your belongings and can save you a lot of time and efforts. Such simple and often overlooked details can significantly improve your relocation experience, making the process smoother and less stressful. There is nothing worse than finding out that you are missing a key tool at the last moment. Whether you are moving down the street or across the country, be sure to keep these pieces at hand.

Packing Tools

To ensure that your possessions arrive in one piece, you need to pack them properly. Choose quality packing supplies that will protect your goods during transportation.

cardboard boxes

• Moving boxes - you can borrow, hire or ask the removal company to provide you with boxes. It is important to use the right sizes for the specific items. Avoid putting heavy items in big boxes, because they’re too heavy. Request special crating, if you are moving expensive art pieces.

• Tape – packing tape is a mover’s best friend. Keep it with you to seal boxes and to stick items together.

packing tape

• Bubble wrap/ newspaper – you will need these supplies when packing glasses, plates and other breakables. You can use it also to fill the empty space in boxes to secure the items inside.

Moving Tools

With all the heavy lifting and loading, these great tools will facilitate the relocation process and will spare you the back injuries. You can hire these useful items from every man and van company.

moving dolly

• Moving dolly – this is probably one of the most popular house removals tools. You simply put your boxes or small furniture piece on it and you wheel it away. Heavy-duty moving dollies are great for rolling bulky items.

• Hand truck - a hand truck is an indispensible asset when you need to move large and heavy items.

• Loading ramps – designed to simplify the hauling of furniture into the truck. Smaller ramps are also used for areas with stoops and stairs.

loading ramp

• Furniture sliders – allow you to easily slide the furniture and move it around, when a dolly is not available.

• Stair-roller – facilitates the move of furniture up and down.

• Piano board – this tool is utilized to carry a piano.

Moving Supplies

When planning a move, you should not underestimate the importance of these useful moving accessories.

ropes and straps

• Straps and ropes – securing the boxes, furnishings and appliances inside the moving van.

• Lifting straps – professionals use shoulder straps to move heavy appliances and furnishings.

• Hoisting straps – used for mattresses and furniture pieces that cannot fit through the front door and need to be manually picked up from the windows.

hoisting straps

• Moving blankets and pads – protect the furniture from scratches, dirt and dust.

Unpacking Tools

• Box cutter / scissors – if you have been careful enough to tape your boxes so that their contents don’t end up on the ground, chances are you have used a lot of tape. Having a tool to remove that upon starting the unpacking process is going to make things a lot easier.

box cutter

• Screwdriver / ratchet – when furniture components needs to be assembled back together, a screwdriver and a ratchet will help you deal with the job faster. Tightening the screws will be quick and effortless.

Having the required inventory for moving home is going to take a huge portion of the stress off the project. That is good news, especially if you have been struggling with the task all along. Make a list of things you need and acquire them for the move ahead.

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