21 January 2016
Moving with a Toddler: The Dos and Don’ts

moving with toddlers

House moving is stressful process for adults, but it is even more stressful for young children. It is important to be prepared for the move before the moving van and man come and start packing the belongings of your child. Besides the fact that hiring the services of a professional moving company will make the whole moving process much easier, there are some things that you should do when it comes to preparing your toddler’s belongings for the move.  

Moving to a new house is a very important decision and moving with a child is a bit tougher than moving alone. It requires more effort, especially when it comes to explaining the move to a toddler. Young children are attached to their environment. It is important to take intoconsideration the feelings of attachment, which your toddler have to their living space, and try to make the moving process less uncomfortable for them.

early announcement
Do announce the move earlier and with excitement.
It is important to announce the moving with excitement, so the child will feel secure with the process, knowing that there is nothing to worry about. Tell the child that everyone is moving and that they will not be the only one that is going to the new place. Listen to the reaction of the child and respond according to that. There might be some concerns, which the child may have, and it is always a good idea to respond to these concerns calmly and positively.

house movers
Do visit the new home before the day of moving.
It is essential to take the child to the new home before the day of the actual moving. They should get familiar with the house, with their new room, with the surrounding area.

Do involve your toddler in the packing process.
Allow the child to help with the packing. Let them put their toys in the moving boxes. Let the child palm paint and label the boxes, which include their belongings. Make the packing fun and you will have the child’s attention for the whole day.

Do pack an overnight kit for your child.
It is important to have not only the clothes of the child ready for the first day of the actual moving, but also remember to leave in the kit their favourite toy. Make sure that you tell the kid that their toys are waiting in the new home, so they will not worry about losing their favourite things.

moving home
Don’t forget to pay enough attention to your toddler on the day of moving.
This is why you should really benefit from hiring a moving company. While the movers are loading the lorry and moving furniture, you will be able to spend the time with your child and make the kid feel comfortable.

Don’t pack the child’s belongings first.
Make sure that you introduce the child with the packing process, before you start putting away their belongings. Pack the child’s room last, so the child will have enough time to get comfortable with the boxes and the feeling that all he furniture is going away.

Don’t unpack last.
Ask the house movers to unload the things from the child’s room first and let them put the crib together first. The crib is the most familiar piece of furniture for your toddler, so it is important to give them the feeling of security by putting them in their crib as soon as you arrive in the new place.

baby's crib
Don’t panic if the child does not sleep.
It is normal to have some changes in the sleeping routine of the child while moving. Give them time to calm down and soon they will be once again ready to take their regular naps.

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