12 November 2013
Moving to Finchley could Impact on your Children

Moving to Finchley could Impact on your Children


Making the move to Finchley, or in fact anywhere, may not be easy on the family.  Parents are likely to be more stressed and highly strung, with a lot going on patience often runs thinly, along with this there will always be concerns that everything is going to go according to plan. The move will also be difficult on pets too, the actual move itself may be traumatic enough, but for cats and dogs getting used to a new area is the most difficult thing for them. But no-one in the family is affected more than the children.

Children enjoy the familiarity of their family home, especially if it is the only home they have ever known, being taken away from this house may be scary for them.  This is especially difficult if you are moving to a new area which would mean your child leaving their school and friends that they had made.  There are some things that you can do as a parent to help make the move a little easier for your child to deal with:

•    Talk to your child about moving home, let them know the reasons why you need to move and let them have some input on the decisions made, make them feel a part of the move rather than them feeling like it is something that is out of their control.
•    When you start packing up your belongings ready for your move, try to leave your child’s room until last, let this room be the last you box up and the first you unbox in your new home. Your child may become upset if they see all of their stuff boxed up and moved into a van, especially if they are too young to understand that you are moving house.
•    If your child is snappy, naughty or grumpier than usual, it may be because of the change that they are having to deal with, so try to be as patient as possible. Always give your child reassurance and give them time to get used to the changes.
•    Pack a bag for your child to keep with them on moving day, include some snacks, drinks and entertainment in here, but also add their favourite blanket or teddy bear, whatever it is that makes them feel safe.
•    Settle your child into the new home as quickly as possible, make them feel safe by surrounding them with familiar things.
Children who have dealt with moving home badly, or have had to move home a number of times can be affected by this in a number of different ways:
•    As Children: they may not do as well at school, their grades may start to fall and they may start to misbehave during school time more.  Children who are moved from home a lot may also develop emotional problems and/or behavioural problems, that could hinder them throughout life.
•    As Adults: adults who were moved home a lot as a child may not have the ability to naturally form healthy and lasting relationships with another person, they may have a lack of faith in people or find it difficult to trust or get close to someone else, they may not know how to love and could have some abandonment issues.  Statistically, adults who moved home a lot as a child have less friends that other adults, and often no close friends at all, further to this, these people are not as happy as other adults and often they die at a younger age.

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