10 February 2016
Moving in London? What Parking Regulations Should You Be Aware Of?

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The relocation to a new city, especially to a cosmopolitan city like London, can be very challenging. Every house move has its difficulties; this is why it is important that you arrange the services of a good moving company, when it comes to the transportation of your belongings when relocating to London.

The city of London is very strict when it comes to parking regulations. It is important to have that kind of stringent parking regulations and to implement them precisely in order to secure better traffic flow through the busy streets of the city. These regulations must be followed from every resident and visitor if they don’t want to get a ticket.

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Along with the other moving preparations, you should spend the time to organize the access and parking arrangements for your move. The different areas of London have different parking restrictions, and you should contact the local authorities in order to get the right information about obtaining an access permit for the moving van in the specific area.

In Central London especially, there are very strict parking regulations, which may limit the access to the flat’s entrance, making the whole moving process very challenging for the movers. The last thing you will need to experience in the first day of your moving is to find difficulties when it comes to the parking and unloading of your moving lorry, full of your furniture and belongings.

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It is a good idea to be familiar with the parking regulations, but if you want to save yourself time, it is advisable ask your removal company about what parking permits you need to get. The company will not only arrange for you the man and the van, but also will take care of all other aspects of the whole move, so you will only have to secure the relevant parking permits.

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For the parking of your personal car, keep in mind that there are specific regulations, which vary from street to street. These signs show the allowed and prohibited parking hours for every single street. In London, the parking restrictions mentioned on the signs usually apply between 8:30am and 6:30pm Monday to Saturday. In order to avoid a ticket, you should familiarize yourself with the way of payment for the specific area. Some streets work with the Pay & Display way, where the driver buys a ticket and displays it on the front window. Many areas offer a payment through phone, which often requires additional registration and a credit or debit card number. The parking regulations are always very strict around school areas, so make sure that you carefully observe the street signs if your home is situated close to a school.

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If your vehicle is parked in a restricted area and you don’t have a permission for it, you will be given a penalty ticket, the amount of which may vary from £80 to £130. It is important to pay your tickets on time. The authorities have made the payment process very easy for the citizens by allowing them to pay their fines in person, online, through mobile phones or by post. If you pay within 14 days of the issuing of the tickets, you may be granted 50% off the total fee.

The specified parking places for disabled people can be occupied only by vehicles that are operated by or carry a disabled person. The Blue Badge scheme provides the parking privileges only to the eligible disabled people and the allowed vehicles must have current and valid Accessible Parking Permit that is fully displayed on the window.

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