07 April 2016
Moving During the Week or During the Weekend?

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With all the tips and tricks that you are used to getting from the web about house removals, have you actually considered the time table related questions? Do you want to move during the week or during the weekend? It is a very valid question, as there are pros and cons to both. There is a variety of things to consider when planning the move and moving day is actually an important part of them. Make sure you know exactly when you want to move and make sure you know what that means. Here is a rundown of all the benefits and pitfalls you get from both options.

Weekend Moves
The weekend is the preferred time to move, of course. No dealing with bosses, no dealing with teachers, and no need to arrange a strict timetable. You can immediately see that the best thing about moving on the weekend is that you don’t have to use any leave days from work. You work till the weekend, you move, and then you go back to work from your new address. Another bonus is that you will not have to think about your spouse’s work, as well as your kids’ school, if you do have kids. It is a preferred time to do it because that way you avoid all the hassle that moving in the middle of the week will entail.

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And let’s talk traffic as well. If you move during the weekend, you avoid all the rush hours in the early going-to-work and the late coming-back-from-work time periods. All this can be easily avoided with the adjustment of moving house on a Saturday or Sunday. Another big plus of moving home during the weekend is that you can get all your friends to help as well and maybe save some money on a moving company. Since it’s the weekend, they can’t excuse themselves with work, right?

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Weekday Moves
Alternatively, if you do move during the week, you might lose a weekday or two, but then you gain a whole weekend to rest after the move. House moving on the weekend is fine and all, but there goes the whole weekend for preparation and then unloading and organising the new place. Move during the week and you actually get some free time to settle in and get used to your new surroundings.

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Also a plus when moving during the week will be all the benefits you will get from the moving company. Since most people really do move during weekends, it means that you will not have to look for removal companies that are free and you won’t have to pay the steep prices meant for the busy days when they can win more money. A Wednesday move is bound to be cheaper than a Saturday one and all the proper movers will be available and at your disposal. A great way to check the price difference is by getting the free quotes which removal services like to give. That way you can compare the prices and make your own conclusions.

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See all your options, see what you will have to deal with during either type of move and then make a decision. Pick the costlier, but definitely faster and safer weekend moves, or take the slower, but cheaper weekday move – you will both lose and win something with both on the general scale, the difference is the personal one. Decide for yourself which one suits your own needs better and take advantage of it to have a safe and peaceful moving day.

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