13 October 2016
Moving Abroad? Customs Regulations to Be Aware of

moving abroad

When you decide to take the man and van abroad, you should be aware of all the documentation you will need. You are about to enter the worst part of moving house – the bureaucracy. And yes, among all the dealing with movers, removal company documents, cardboard boxes and packing supplies there is a certain set of papers that your attention should be specifically turned to since things could end up badly if it isn’t. These legal documents will help you deal with all the customs regulations in most countries, so make sure you are backed up in that regard.

international removals

Passport and Visa

These are the obvious ones. When moving abroad, make sure you take your visa with you and all the documents that relate to your identity. Be ready to prove where you are from, where you are going and where you are coming from at all times, every time an officer even looks at your direction. Check your own local authorities and if you don’t have any of those, issue a statement and take it out and be prepared to wave it about – and there sure will be a lot of passport waving at the customs!

moving checklist


If you are taking anything with you – especially if you have a loaded removal van, filled with furniture and boxes and whatnot – make sure that everything is listed somewhere. You need to make a list, an inventory if you will, with all the items that you will be taking along for the ride. This list will be vital to pass customs, and it should be a thorough one and a correct one. Customs will not hesitate to take away anything that is not on that list. Also, check with your own customs if any of the items on your list needs any forms in order to pass said customs.

moving with pets

Pet ID

Yes, your pets need passports too. If the pet is chipped, bring along a form that proves it. If your pet has any specific vaccinations, make sure you have the documents that say it had them. Never hide anything about your pet from the authorities or you might just have to choose between it and your new home.

removal boxes

Cardboard Boxes

When the man with van reach the customs, it is usually preferable that everything is packed inside standard cardboard moving boxes, which can be checked easily and opened on a whim. This will make any checks much easier and the passing through customs much simpler. The man with a van will also thank you for that as any other means of packing require a lot of effort.

moving restrictions


Be absolutely sure to check the restricted and prohibited list. You never want to move items that will get you or your man with van in trouble. See what the moving company will move, see what the customs will accept, and then make sure you have a legal document that allows you to carry anything that is not on either of those lists.

Make sure you keep these regulations and you will not get in trouble with the authorities. After that you can enjoy a peaceful house relocation abroad.

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