20 September 2016
Move House without Breaking the Bank

moving home without overspending

When you make the decision to move house, there are so many things that are going through your mind. From packing all of your treasured belongings to organising every aspect of the move, the stress can easily build. The last thing you want to worry about on top of all that is the cost involved in moving. This whole process isn’t going to come cheap, but there are certainly ways you can reduce the impact on your budget. Try implementing some of these top strategies to help you move house without breaking the bank.

gather packing materials

Gather packing supplies early

Buying boxes from a packing supplier can be very expensive. Rather, head to your local supermarkets and bakeries and ask for boxes. This is also a great way to recycle and help the environment. When you unpack at the other end, try to save these boxes and store them away in a dry, cool place so that you can reuse them in case you move again in the future.

Stock up on duct tape and bubble wrap at a dollar store. You can find endless supplies here to make packing easier. Also consider using tea towels and sheets to wrap fragile items in rather than buying wrapping paper.

moving day

Avoid relocating on a weekend

The rates for moving vans and removal services tend to rise on the weekends and around public holidays or important dates. Organise yourself in advance and take time off work in the middle of the week to get the best deal on a removal van or man with a van, or removal company depending on what option you choose to move your items.

removal company

Book your moving company in advance

Whether you are hiring a removal company, employing the services of a man with a van, or hiring a moving van and loading it up yourself, the key so saving some money is to book in advance. Be organised and choose your moving date early and book whatever vehicle you need as early in advance as possible. This will not only save you money, but also stress and pressure closer to the moving date.

moving boxes

Declutter and lessen your moving load

Before you move house, you should have an overhaul of every room in the house and start getting rid of things you just don’t need any more. Go room by room and make a pile of things you want to throw out or things you want to donate to a second-hand charity store. Not only will you be lightening your load for the move, but you will also be making a difference in someone else’s life when your unwanted junk becomes their treasure.

DIY house removals

DIY as much as you can

If you have a trailer or spacious vehicle, load it up to make more room on the moving van. If you are relocating over a short distance, it might be better value to do multiple trips with just a trailer than fork out for a moving van.

house movers

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Chances are there are plenty of people in your life who want to help make your move easier. If a friend or neighbour or family member wants to offer you a trailer or wants to help you load everything up on moving, you best say yes. Having an extra pair of hands makes a huge difference when you’re shifting all your furniture out of the door, and having the help come from someone you know and trust will put a smile on your face.

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