13 September 2016
More People Are Moving to London after Brexit

removals after Brexit

Brexit was an event that saw England’s desire to depart from the European Union in full motion. England wants independence, it wants to show the world that it can do well by itself and that all the funding that went to the EU will actually be used in a way that will benefit the English people and will not be just money down the drain. And then everyone expected places like London to basically become immigrant-free zones and waves of immigrants to be deported. But that extremist thought aside, the final result was actually a very contradictory one.

Downing Street

David Cameron Stepping Down and the May Ministry

With David Cameron stepping down as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, many changes were expected to come. The first of many appears to be the addition of Theresa May to the office as the new Prime Minister. All the rest of the forthcoming changes will be decided by the new Prime Minister once she steps into office and makes her position known. May has so far kept very quiet about her views on immigration and freedom of movement, but that is not anything we cannot guess about.

migration and relocation trends

Pre-Brexit May Ideals

A big part of May’s moving home into office has to do with her previous views on immigration. She was the one who constantly tried to bring the net migration rates down, and now that she has the legal power of legislation, there is a chance that she will be coming out with her decisions. She has already hinted at her intentions by saying that post-Brexit Britain cannot keep the EU ideal of movement. She said, "We need to bring control into movement of people coming into the UK from the EU” and she stated that they should bring immigration down to sustainable levels.

rising immigration

London’s Rising Immigration

But despite the political scene, there is still a flow of migration to London. People from the EU still desire to live in places like London, and they are trying to find their place here sooner rather than later, when the borders are closed. Many migrants are trying to enter the country before such an event and start a stable career that will help their case in the event that May has a harsh judgment for the immigrants. The falling value of the British pound does no favours to all the anti-immigration supporters as migrants are also making use of the cheaper seats and prices.

what does the future hold

What the Future Holds

It is yet unknown when exactly Britain will exit the EU, if such an exit even occurs, but if it does – or when it does – the immigrants will all have a tough battle to fight. With Theresa May in charge, deportations may occur, but despite her tough nature she is still accepting of those who can take care of themselves. She has stated her intentions before, those of keeping immigrants who get a stable high income, so maybe professionals and people with careers will be safe as long as they can go through the battle of finding the right documents, whatever they will be.

moving home to London

London as a Home Venue

London is the most appealing place to be right now. Removal vans are heading there all the time and moving companies are having a field day with all the house relocations they seem to be taking care of. How long that will last, only the British parliament knows. We will all find it out subsequently, when the home relocations cease and then we will take a deep breath in waiting to see what comes next.

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