10 September 2016
Is Moving to Earl’s Court a Good Idea?

moving to Earls Court

Thinking of moving house to Earl’s Court? Well, in general, if we can be redundant for a minute, every place has its good sides and its bad sides and this little London piece of heaven is no different. While doing research about it, you will get a variety of recommendations based on subjective experience and you will still be just as confused as to whether to drive that removal van to Earl’s Court. So instead of filling you with even more confusing and contradictive opinions, here is a list of things you will surely see when you contact your moving company for a relocation to the area. Start with objectivity before you proceed with people’s opinions.

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Historical Background

This will do little to help, because Earl’s Court has very little of its former self to show. The little town started off as a rural town, with a lot of green space and great garden markets. Bust just as every other London town, the coming of the railways had a big effect on the area – and in this case, it was an opposite effect, turning it into a dense suburban location with over a thousand houses. So the best thing that you learned here is that you will at least not be left without any options for housing.

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“Kangaroo Valley”

At one point, Earl’s Court was one of the most preferred resorts for Australians and New Zealanders visiting or immigrating to the UK. This earned it the name “Kangaroo Valley”, which, while now old and inactive, still lingers in the air, and the area still has a lot to show for its diversity with the number of Australian and New Zealand immigrants and visitors.

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Things to Do

Another thing Earl’s Court offers is its proximity to wonderful parks – it is within walking distance of several peaceful locations, such as Holland Park, Hyde Park, and the Kensington Gardens. And then you have the brilliant proximity to the bigger London attractions that are the Royal Albert Hall, the Natural History Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Science Museum.

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And if you want fun within the area, visit the Finborough Theatre, the Earl’s Court theatre. And if you want a humble cafe combined with a brilliant music venue, then you want to look for The Troubadour, which has existed for over 60 years now and has hosted great names like Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, and Jimi Hendrix.

A curious thing to see in Earl’s Court is also the local TARDIS. Yes, there is an amazing little blue police box that bears striking resemblance of the Doctor’s time machine and you can see it right in front of the Earl’s Court underground station.

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A Gay ol’ Time

And if you are of the gay persuasion, then you will be very happy to hear that Earl’s Court is just behind Soho as a popular resort where you can witness vivid gay nightlife. Many retails are run and aimed at gay men, and there are plenty of nightclubs and pubs. You have the Copacabana, one of the first gay nightclubs, dating from all the way back in the 1970s, and also pubs like The Lord Ranelagh Pub and the Pembroke pub, which has an even longer history as a bohemian and gay resort, the latter even attracting crowds because of its association with names like Kenny Everett and Freddie Mercury.

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As you can see, Earl’s Court provides quite a lot of opportunities for enjoying life. The things to do there never end, and it is near other areas to find more. Should you bring the house movers here, you will be met by wonderful architecture, tolerant people, diverse ethnicities, and great areas to enjoy both suburban life and peaceful time. Take the house relocation to Earl’s Court and see what a tight community is all about.

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