12 September 2016
Is Moving the Pool Table Really That Hard?

pool table moving

If you didn’t think that there is a bigger challenge to moving the piano, guess where you are wrong. Moving the pool table during a house relocation is about just as difficult, and slightly more troublesome. It may also cost you a friend or two since you won’t have their favourite plaything to entertain them with. That is why you should give extra care to your pool table when moving and you should follow a guideline as to how to do it. It takes some effort, but it is all worth it in the end, when the man and van finally drive the whole thing up to your new address and safely take it out from the removal van.

Here are some tips on how to do that the best way possible:

moving its elements

Learn the Parts

Disassembling the pool table is key to the successful moving. However big a moving van can be, it is always a better idea to load a disassembled pool table instead of simply pushing one in and hoping it would survive the drive. Bumpy roads are just the smallest thing, yet how many bumps do you reckon that your pool table will survive? It would be best not to test that out and be safe about it instead. And the successful disassembly of the pool table requires knowledge of its parts. See how you can safely take it apart and keep track of the order – after all, you will have to put it back together again. And you won’t have all the king’s horses and all the king’s men to help.

packing services

Acquire Packing Materials

Safe moving often times equals safe packing. Before the man and van, make sure you have proper packing supplies and use them to do a fine job with packing the pool table. Moving blankets are a necessity to cover the entire thing and use straps as well to keep it all in check and in one piece. And try not to distribute the parts of the table too much, simply use similar and piled boxes for the smaller parts and place them near the table to keep it all in one place. You would not believe how little you need to miss so that you are unable to put the table back together.

professional movers

Always Make Use of Help

Get friends over to help. Get family to help. Get the movers from the man with van to help. Never, ever, ever try to move the pool table alone, or you are practically begging to fail. This is not a job for a single person – every heavy object requires at least six helping hands, and you should stick to that number. The moving company will help you and anybody who will ever use the pool table should lend a hand and help you as well.

moving dolly

Use a Dolly

A four-wheeled dolly will be a lot of help to you both with the loading and the unloading of the pool table. It is the perfect method of moving the parts around without the chance of dropping them, so if you have butter fingers, don’t worry – the dolly will take care of it.

Be careful – this is the single most important tip you can get for moving the pool table. After that you can start disassembling it, planning on routes and getting the man and a van over to finish the job. It all requires proper planning and careful handling and once you have that down, the rest is all easy going. Your relocation will be as successful as possible, so carry on.

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