12 September 2016
Is It A Good Idea To Move Pets Internationally?

international removals with pets

Pets are an essential part of a person’s life. They are loyal companions in sad and happy times alike and are always ready to show affection and love. It is rather unfortunate then that sometimes you have to move and put your pet in so much stress from relocating with you.

Before you initiate home relocation to a different country, you must consider a variety of factors. After all, when it comes to moving with pets, you are not only focused on choosing the best man with a van company to take your belongings - you are making a choice of a company that can safely relocate your beloved pet. When moving to the UK with your family pet from another EU country, there are some specific regulations you must follow:


- Microchip - if you are moving from another EU-listed country, the first thing you must know about bringing your pet in is that it has to be microchipped. Keep in mind that should be done before the pet rabies vaccination, otherwise you will have to vaccinate your pet again. The procedure can only be carried out by a certified vet, vet nurse, a person with practical experience in microchipping or a person assessed on approved vet training course. This is an important first step before the actual removal.


- Rabies vaccination - this is another requirement, which must be followed. It is important to note that 21 days must pass before the vaccination is considered successful. Day of vaccination counts as day 0. Only after that can a pet enter the country. The vaccine must be an approved recombinant or inactivated one.

pet passport

- Pet passport - you need to have a pet passport for bringing a pet cat, ferret and dog into the UK. Passports show what treatments and vaccinations your pet has, which are needed to meet the travel rules. The passport also contains ownership information and description of the animal.

man with van company

- Approved company and route - there is a limited number of removal companies that must be used for bringing pets in the UK. This is not the case with Ireland though.

This is to say that you cannot just hire a man with a van company of your choice and bring your pet in the country. The approved routes the companies travel change during the year, so you must pay close watch to them.

As the moving day approaches and you have already selected a few man and a van options, it is a good idea to consider some other general tips moving your pets:

house removals with pets

- Select the right company - did you know that there is a specialised service dealing with pet relocation? An experienced company to deal with the moving aspect of your pet is going to greatly ease the distress your animal companion experiences, which is great for their overall health.

research vets

- Research vet options in the new area - once your home removal is complete, you will want to have a reliable vet in the area. It will be good to consult with the vet as soon as you reach your new destination, in case your pet is experiencing health issues or further distress from house relocation.

moving with pets

- Spend as much time with your pet as possible - cross country move is not your typical man and a van move that takes you from one address to another in the same city. Your pet will be transported over long distances and will likely get stressed out. They will need all your love and attention to get over this trial. Be there to provide all when necessary, as that will get them through this hard time quicker.

You must carefully approach the situation when moving to a different country with your pet is concerned. It is a task that will challenge you greatly. See to it that you follow all of the fine details and you will successfully deal with this difficult task.

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