08 March 2016
How to Unpack after Your Move in Just 2 Days


Getting your removal boxes packed, loaded and transported doesn’t conclude a move, even though many people wish it did. Unfortunately, there is one final step of the removal process before it can be regarded as done and that is the unpacking phase.

While it is true that you can congratulate yourself on a job well done once you see the removal van leaving your old home and getting all of your belongings off the vehicle at the new place, there is much that you still need to consider in terms of arranging everything in your new home. Since you are likely physically drained, it is wise to read the following tips on how to tackle the unpacking task in just two days after moving in.

floor plan

-    Layout the furniture plan - you have probably visited your home a few times already, but did you actually make an effort to envision a detailed plan of where your furniture will stand? This is an important thing to do, since it will present a clear idea of where your other belongings will need to go as well. Take measures as well, as that way you will know whether there is need to re-size any piece and do so before you actually get buried in a ton of other tasks upon arrival in your new home. If you have the furniture layout, you will be able to quickly unload straight from the removal van.

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-    Plan for other items as well - don’t settle for the furniture layout alone. Instead, plan for all of your belongings and where they need to end up before you move. If there is one thing certain about home removals, it is that you will be challenged to make a ton of decisions once your belongings reach the new home. The more decisions you make before you take off your belongings from the moving van, the less you will have to stress about when everything is transported to your new home.

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-    Do not pack TOO early - that is one thing you need to put some thought into before the process of moving home takes place. While you would rather be done with packing in advance so you don’t bother at a later stage of the removal, there are some arguments against it. For example, there is the real danger of forgetting which removal box you have put something in and not being able to find it. Dealing with this task a few days before moving day in a quick manner is the best way to approach it.


-    Label all cardboard boxes properly - the one proven method to find what you are looking for is to have a label on each side of the boxes. Use a simple black marker pen and label the boxes in a way that makes sense to you. Once you have all of the boxes unloaded, you will immediately know where each of them goes, which is a good way to save some time and effort.

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-    Pack your clothes with the hangers - that is a nifty trick to keep in mind, for it can save you so much of the needed space. Fold the clothes in half and put them in a large enough bag along with the hangers. Once those are unloaded, you can immediately hang them in your wardrobe at the new home. Granted, they might need some ironing, it’s still a lot easier to do it this way. Another alternative is to acquire some of them handy wardrobe boxes, which provide a convenient way of transporting clothes and then arranging them after arrival.

Follow all of these tips and you will see just how easy your unpacking will be. It will feel like a much needed break from the stress of the move that you have just gone through and a reward well earned.

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