13 September 2016
How to Unload Your Removal Van without Hurting Yourself

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If you think that the house relocation was the hard part, then you are in for a ride after you arrive at your new place and stand in front of the moving van. When that door opens, you will have a moment of panic in considering how many things you have to unload in the next minutes or hours, and that panic will be twofold once you remember that you have already exerted yourself when loading it. But don’t worry, unloading hardly ever goes tragically and there are easy ways of taking your belongings off the man and van’s hands without doing any bodily damage to yourself or the removal boxes. Here they are:

#1 – Let the Movers Do It

Don’t be a hero. You hired that man with van and not just a removal van for a reason. If you have a helping hand nearby, let them help. Let your movers do their job and leave the work to the professionals. That is what they are paid for and that is what they do on a daily basis – you cannot compete with that. Just sit back and have them do the unloading, or you be the helping hand and let them assist you with the task.

professional movers

#2 – Get a Platform

A platform or ramp will save you a lot of rapid heartbeats when you feel that you might drop something while stepping out of the moving van. It is a smoother way to take things out of the van without panicking about dropping them from several feet high. And you have options as well – there are mechanical platforms which drop items down slowly, and then there are the climbing platforms which will help you with rolling items down them. And speaking of rolling:

removal van with ramp

#3 – Get a Dolly

These items will be a huge blessing for every moving job you have to go through. Every man and a van team will tell you that unloading items with a dolly is ten times easier than having to carry them yourself off the removal van. The main thing is never to load it with more than you can handle by yourself, or if you do have to do that, then at least get help and unload alongside someone who will keep one side of the dolly secure while you handle the other.

moving dolly

#4 – Make a Chain

If you have more than one person along for the ride, then another method of unloading would be to form a live chain. One person is inside the van and takes boxes out, and there is a line of at least two more people who take it from him or her and place the box in a secure location till everything is taken out. This is a simple and smooth method, and it is most convenient for taking out boxes with several hands being involved at all times.

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#5 – Don’t Do It Alone

Maybe the most important thing you should know about unloading a moving van is that you should never try to do it all by yourself. Always have someone to help you and always work as a team so that you have all the bases covered. Unless you are only carrying cardboard boxes filled with pillows, there will always be a risk of hurting yourself and literally one wrong step could do just that. You already went through a tiring relocation, so don’t be a hero and get help before you break something.

back injuries

This is why using a man with a van is important and frequently beats the van hire. Moving house alone will not gain you any glory or popularity; it is simply a job that needs doing. And it is not a blow to your pride to get a helping hand and have someone make sure that the unloading is carried out as smoothly as the relocation itself. Trust your friends or the man and van.

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