21 March 2016
How to Pack Your 'Open First' Moving Box

packing essentials box

There is a lot of information regarding a successful move that you should look for, if you want to easily organise the process. It is essential to remember that planning ahead of time and sticking to your schedule will make things easier.

Careful planning ensures that you don’t miss out on any important detail. It is rather easy to get carried away in work and completely forget about the small things that make your home removal easy. One such to remember to pack a box of necessities you will need right after you arrive at your new home. While most other boxes can be handled at a later time, this one should contain the items you want to immediately have access to. Here is an exemplary list of items considered as essentials by many:

-    Electronic device chargers - even if you don’t have enough time to use items such as laptops, smart devices and phones as you are busy with unpacking, you want to keep them charged and at the ready. You might have to browse the web to search for a service or item you want to acquire for your home. Besides, you might have to check your emails and keep in touch with a number of people. It will be a shame, if you cannot do so, just because your buried your chargers somewhere in the removal boxes.

electronic device chargers

-    Cups, plates and utensils - nothing makes you feel more at home than a homemade meal. Even if you don’t have the time to cook, at least make sure you can eat one comfortably. That requires a certain inventory such as plates and cups; cutlery as well. Plastic replacements just don’t contribute to your comfort as much.

cutlery and crockery

-    Cleaning equipment - it is common to make a mess out of your home as you arrange and unpack the moving boxes. Instead of putting up with cleaning, you should address it in the process, as that guarantees two things: it will be easier to perform and it won’t intervene with your schedule.

cleaning equipment

-    Towels and other bathroom equipment - taking a much-deserved shower after a whole day of unpacking and arranging items around the place is going to feel like heaven - that much is for sure. In order to experience this deserved break to the fullest, you should pack some bathroom essentials, like towels, shampoo and cleansers. They don’t take a lot of space anyway, but will prove invaluable to your comfort.

bathroom accessories

-    Bed linens - even if your bedroom is not yet ready to fully accommodate you, you should at least make sure that your bed is well equipped with linens. You need a good night’s sleep after a tiring day of dealing with post home removal tasks. The last thing you want is getting to sleep on a bed with no sheets on, as that is going to feel quite uncomfortable.

bed linen

-    Pet inventory - while it is a good idea to keep your pet at a friend’s house during the first few days of unpacking frenzy, you might not have this option. The best way to ensure your companion is comfortable is to keep their inventory around. Don’t forget about their toys and snacks and don’t have them in other boxes stacked on the removal van. Pack them among your essentials instead, as they will comfort your pet to a great extend.

pet accessories

Give your ‘Open First’ box some thought, if you want to avoid potential problems immediately after your home removal is done. You will feel a lot better, if you keep these items readily available immediately after you reach your new home.

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