13 September 2016
How to Pack Dishes for a Move

packing dishes

When getting ready for a house relocation, you will come across many obstacles, such as finding a removal company to do the move, or even choosing the right moving day. But one thing people don’t seem to be too bothered about up until the day for it is the packing. When that time comes, people actually get very panicky as they realise that they just don’t have all the knowledge about the move. Packing is not as easy at is seems – it is definitely much more than simply putting things into a box. Proper packing takes prep work and it takes care. And then you have the packing of things such as dishes – fragile items that might break with the first bump on the road the moving van goes over. How do you pack that?

Get the Right Materials

Finding the proper packing materials is often the key to proper packing. People try to save money on their move by avoiding the specialised boxes that moving companies offer and getting boxes from the local market. And while that is all well and good, you should not save money on the rest of the packing materials. You have things like packing paper, bubble wrap, packing blankets, and so on, which are incredibly useful during a move and many of them don’t have a substitute. Think about what you need in order to pack properly and get it. Don’t try to save money if that will only cost you the price of a new set of dishes. Remember: the packing paper is always cheaper.

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Individual Packing

No, not getting a separate box for each item. That would be quite the waste of space and might just require more than one removal van. The best way to pack dishes is by individually wrapping them up in packing paper, or newspaper, if you really do want to be economical with your home removals. Packing paper is more useful since it has the thickness which offers a good amount of protection against clashing on the road. If you are going to use newspaper or magazine sheets, then at least make several layers. Yes, this takes time, and this is why packing should start a month before the moving day.

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Proper Box Placement

And after packing them don’t just pile them up in the box. There are better ways than having two columns of wrapped plates per box. You can be much more economical with your space and the number of moving boxes used as well. If you lay the dishes on their sides, side by side, without overstuffing the box, then you will have the best packed dishes for the move. The packing paper will protect them from one another, and placing them on their sides will mean more row options and then stacking on top of them other dishes. Naturally, you should be wary of the weight of the dishes you place on top. If you put fragile cups at the bottom, for instance, it would be very silly to place a heavy bowl on top. Think smart when stacking and no crushing damages will ensue. One way of protecting the bottom row is to crumble a newspaper into page balls and put them on top of the bottom row, and then place the new items on top.

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Professional Packing Options

Most moving companies, aside from the man and a van they will give you, also offer great packing services which may just come in handy with objects you are unsure that you can pack properly. And even if you still want to do it yourself, then at least check out the packing products they have for you. A nice dish box will serve you much better than an old cardboard box when trying to stuff all your dishes together – after all, that is what the dish box is made for. Also, they can provide you with nice moving blankets for the awkwardly shaped items, such as special cups, glasses, and even some kitchen lamps. You should consider what you need, see what they offer, and if you find it financially pleasing, buy it – you will get all the help you need that way.

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Stick to these pieces of advice and make sure that your dishes are properly packed when the man with a van comes to take you to your new home. With some proper attention while doing it you will ensure yourself a quality move with no damages or losses to regret in the end.

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