15 January 2016
How to Overcome Homesickness


Homesickness is a horrible bug to catch. When moving house, most people will probably feel down, lonely and out of place. However, there are a few things you can do to combat your homesickness. Here are some tips to keep the relocation blues at bay.

house cleaning

Keep yourself busy busy busy!
When you’re relocating to a new place the first thing to do is make sure you have plenty of new things planned to keep your homesickness at a minimum. Try to book in as many new things as possible. You could try a new class or activity to meet new people, or arrange to meet up with new work friends. Even small things like going to the supermarket for a weekly shop or tidying your new house will keep you busy to begin with. This will keep your mind occupied and also help you settle in more easily. You’ll have less time to dwell on old memories and more time to create new ones!

moving house

Make the moving process easy
Believe it or not, moving house can be more stressful than you think. A positive mind-set is the first step to making the whole process much easier. Start by creating a moving checklist and work through it step by step. On there could be anything from writing down removal company names and prices, to places you wish to visit and plans to make once you’ve moved in. Taking the stress out of moving will make you feel more positive about the change and you’ll be more likely to embrace it rather than fear it.

visit family

Try not to visit home too much to begin with
Visiting your old home to visit family and friends may seem like a great idea when you’re feeling low. However, it’s important to give yourself time to settle in before jumping on the train.  By giving yourself a chance to settle, you’ll be expanding friendship groups and teaching yourself to adapt to your new environment. Going back home too much to begin with may hinder this process and you may find yourself missing the past more than you would have if you’d stayed in your new home.  Try and stay put as much as you can!

nice memories

Give yourself time
Remember, the first few weeks will always be the hardest. Homesickness is a completely natural part of moving house. Allow yourself to grieve old memories and don’t be too hard on yourself for feeling low. Things always change with time so it’s extremely vital that you give yourself the spell you need to settle in properly.  Remember that everyone will experience homesickness at some point in their life, so you’ll never be alone in the way you feel.

keep a journal

Keep a journal
A good idea might be to keep a journal about how you’re feeling day to day. Putting your emotions onto paper will help clear your head and may even help you to process and understand the stresses you’re experiencing.  It’s also a great idea look back on old journal entries as they will show you how you’ve adapted to moving house over time.

change is good

Embrace change
Change isn’t always the worst thing in the world. If you’re somebody that fears change then you’re more likely to feel homesick in your new location. Try and see change as new doors opening, rather than old doors closing. Note down the reasons why you decided to move and concentrate on these. See them as ways that your lifestyle and happiness can grow. Make a big list of all the positives of moving and read them aloud whenever you feel the homesickness coming on.

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