30Mar 2015
How To Move Home With Pets in Chiswick

moving with pets

Moving home in Chiswick can be stressful on yourself but it can be even more stressful if you have a pet. Cats and dogs tend to enjoy routine and like their own space and territory. You will already have a lot to worry about when it comes to a home move so the last thing you need is to add the extra concern on how your pets are feeling, so follow these steps to help make your move as stress free for your pets as it can be.

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-    Get them out of the area. If you have a dog then it might be a good idea to let a friend or family member look after them for the day. Seeing things getting packed up can cause concern so it’s better they don’t see it all going on. Maybe assign someone to go out on a nice long walk while the others getting packing. If you have hired a man with a van or moving professionals then it’s better that the dog or cat doesn’t see strangers coming into your home in Chiswick, W4. If you have a cat then consider assigning a room for it and keeping things normal in there, make sure they have food and water and a safe place to hide. Remember animals can pick up on our emotions so try to stay calm.

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-    Get furniture removals done first. It’s important to get the big things into your new home first, that way you can create a space for your pet to get settled in with the least amount of disturbance likely to happen. Make sure you move your pets bed and toys and don’t wash them so that they are familiar with their own smell in your new home. Look into plug in devices that help calm cats and don’t be afraid to speak to your local vet for advice.

moving checklist

-    Make a moving checklist. It’s important to be as organized as you can in order to create a smooth move. Make a list of the things you need to get done before you move your pet in so that you can get everything done as quickly and efficiently as possible so that your pet can get on with settling in straight away.

moving companies

-    Talk to moving companies. Hiring movers may be the best thing to get your move done as fast as possible, it also means you can get your pets out of the home while someone else is doing all the work. Professional movers will take most of the hard work and stress away so you can concentrate on feeling relaxed and therefore your pet won’t know anything unusual is happening.

removals with pets

-    Make your new home a positive place. Put some food or treats down for your pet to come into so that they see their new home in Chiswick as a good place to be. Introduce dogs to the garden where they can go to the toilet and where you will keep their food and water so that they can start to see that all their resources are available. Keep cats indoors for a few days to a week so that they are not inclined to try and wander off to their old home, keep meal times regular so that they will want to come back for food when they do get let out, make a cozy space so that they won’t even want to leave. If you make sure you are well prepared then there is no reason why a move with pets can’t be a positive change for the both of you.

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